Homemade Acne Treatments

If you’re looking for homemade acne treatments that you can whip up in your own kitchen.....then you've come to the right place.

Homemade acne treatments are very popular these days as many people try to avoid the high cost of acne medication and doctor visits.

And, trust me, this is a huge business as over 70% of the U.S. population suffers from some type of acne skin disorder. 

In fact, research shows that adult acne treatments are on the rise and many doctors are now prescribing more acne medication to treatment adult acne.

Homemade Acne Treatments - Natural Remedies For Acne

We all know that acne begins when there is an excess culmination of bacteria in the pores and follicles of the skin.

So obviously keeping your face clean and reducing bacteria build-up is extremely important for healthy acne free skin.

Washing your face at least twice a day with a gentle non-invasive, non-drying, pH balanced natural facial cleanser is a good start.

It is very important that you use the right type of face wash; otherwise, you’ll only promote more acne and breakouts.

Homemade Facial Cleanser - Help For Acne

Two or three times a week, use a good cleansing exfoliating scrub made with baking soda (not baking powder) and sugar.

  • Mix equal parts of both and add a little water or your favorite natural facial cleanse and make a paste.
  • Gently, rub this paste all over your face, neck and chest. Then rinse off and follow with a gentle, oil free moisturizer specifically formulated for acne prone skin.

This is also excellent for acne scar healing. 

Use this baking soda/sugar scrub carefully at first. Test it in a small area of your face to see how your skin will react.

Most people love it and love the smooth results they get. However, if you suffer from severe acne – this scrub may irritate your skin….

Natural Remedies For Acne

Try one or both masks listed below and see how your skin reacts. When you find one that works well, continue using it at least 2-3 times per week.

Not everyone will have the same results – so feel free to experiment by adding different ingredients such as Pineapple juice instead of apples for the Honey Apple mask.

Pineapple is natural astringent and exfoliant with skin-softening enzymes.

Also, consider substituting Oatmeal for lemon juice with the egg white mask. Oatmeal is very soothing, healing and has anti-itch properties.

Honey Apple Acne Mask

If your skin is normal to dry and you suffer from acne, this unusual soothing yet, cleansing mask is very helpful because it won’t irritate inflamed acne prone skin.

Honey contains enzymes that are a wonderful, natural exfoliate and this will help clean and clear pores without over drying.

  • Grate ½ of a medium apple into a bowl
  • Add 3-4 tablespoons of honey
  • Mix well together and smooth over your clean skin. Let it soak in for about 20 minutes and rinse off well.
  • Apply a moisturize specifically formulated for acne prone skin

Egg White Lemon Acne Mask

If you suffer from acne and oily skin use the egg white mask with lemon juice.

  • Add two egg whites (discard the yolk) and ½ teaspoon of lemon juice to a deep bowl. If your skin is very oily, add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice.
  • Whip the mixture until foamy and apply to clean face and other areas (neck, chest) where you have acne breakouts. Let it dry then rinse it off with coo water.
  • Apply a non-oily, moisturizer especially made for acne prone skin.
  • Try not to apply makeup for a few hours. Let your clean skin rest with nothing on it but a acne formulated moisturizer.

Salicylic Acid Acne Gel-Over The Counter Acne Treatment

If the above homemade acne treatments fail to provide the results you’re looking for consider adding an over the counter acne treatment to your weekly - like salicylic acid for acne. 

Salicylic acid along with glycolic acid is a powerful combination for enlarged pores, blackheads and whiteheads. 

Even if you don’t have acne, if you’re over 35 years of age and always wanted to know how to get smooth skin – buffing it with salicylic acid gel is the answer.

You need to exfoliate with special products made to dissolve dead skin cells and help to even the complexion and tone of the skin.

While some homemade acne treatments like the baking soda/sugar scrub can help exfoliate dead skin cells, it doesn't have the power to dissolve dead proteins like a specially formulated salicylic acid acne gel.

After a certain age, our skin’s naturally ability to shed cells slows down. These excess dead skin cells settle into lines and folds – further accenting wrinkles not mention giving your skin a dull, patchy complexion and bumpy dry skin.

I found a very inexpensive, high quality salicylic acid/glycolic acid gel that’s been a favorite of mine and many of my visitors. You can read more about it here..... ZenMed AHA/BHA Complex

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