How To Do Facial Exercises for Marionette Lines

by Susanne

I am 39 years old and have fines lines and some wrinkle running down both sides of my nose.

I also have lots of fines lines towards the outer corners of my eyes. I guess they're crow's feet? Can you recommend any face exercises to reduce these lines and wrinkles? I'm too young for plastic surgery? Do these exercises really work?

Thank you,

Hi Susanne,

It sounds like your problem area is the nasal labial fold or marionette lines. This area starts to sag around the mid-thirties when we start losing the underlying fat that once kept our facial structure lifted.

The fine lines on the upper cheeks are sometimes the beginning of under eye wrinkles or crow's feet and could be due to thinning skin from reduced collagen production.

Many of the muscles in the face are interconnected along with skin tissue, so spot training is not really helpful.

That's why most exercise experts recommend that we perform a combination of exercises that target the muscles of the face to build up the muscle fibers in the upper cheeks along with the lower cheeks and jaw line.

This can help lift the muscles, fill-in the sagging structure and smooth some of the lines.

The program that I use only has 28 exercises that take less than 15 minutes a day, a few times a week.

One of the great things about facial exercises is that the increase

in muscle fiber helps replace some of the lost "baby fat" that used to give our face that nice full look.

I know there is a lot of mixed information about the benefits of exercising the face. I have found that my skin looks better now (I just turned 52) then it did when I was 42 and I've been doing them off and on since I was 39 years old.

I say off and on because the first few I tried took over 45 minutes a day and were hard to do. You have to have exact placement of the fingers and sometimes even had to wear gloves because the skin would slip through the fingers.

The one I use now is easy and fast so I find I do them more regularly. I think they work very well and I believe that one of the main reasons why is because most of them are down lying down - for that extra "gravitational pull".

You'll feel these! The muscles around my jaw line, middle cheeks, and front neck were bit sore the first few times.

Here are two places for you to visit to see if you feel this is something you might want to do.

First - Before and After Face Exercise Pictures

And watch this video for a few free sample facial exercises.

I hope this information helped. Please let me know if you have any more questions.

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