How treat a boil?

by Kevin

I have a boil, what's the best way to treat it? Should I try to lance it myself. I keep getting them. Why?

I work out a lot and sweat heavily during my workouts. My doctor told me that's why I keep getting them. The worst part is the skin boils always form in the thigh,groin area.

My doctor just said I should shower and change my clothes as soon as I finish working out. I do that, but keep getting them.


Thanks for your email regarding how to treat a boil. There are a lot of methods for removing or treating boils.

The most easiest way is to apply a hot compress to the area several times a day. This can help bring the boil to a head and draw it out

Some people suggest aromatherapy compress. You can make that by putting about 3 drops of tea tree oil on a warm, moist, clean wash cloth. Apply this compress a few times a day. Tea tree oil can help reduce bacteria because it's a natural antiseptic.

Some people have had success by applying a paste made from turmeric powder. Cover it with a band-aid.

Some suggest that homeopathy might help. Homeopathic ingredients like silicea can bring draw it out bring it to a head. Belladonna is another ingredient that is good if the boil has no pus, but is very red or throbbing.

There is also a homeopathic spray that you can try that will help reduce symptoms and might help prevent them from coming back. This might be a good choice for you since your boils are showing up in uncomfortable and tight areas.

To prevent the re-occurring of a boil, you might want to consider adding more onions and garlic to their diet...or taking garlic capsules.

Some have had success taking Chinese herbs -- stating that they can help boost the immune system and even help fight infection.

Click here home treatment of boils for more information and tips. I hope this helps.

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How to bust a boil - lancing a boil

by robie hunter
(new orleans,la,us)

how long will it take for a doctor to lance a boil and how long will it take it heal.

Hello Robie,

Thanks for your questions regarding lancing a boil and how to treat a boil.

Boils are basically a type of infection under the skin or hair follicle and it is a good idea to have a doctor lance it because the pus (which is the infection) can spread to other parts of the body.

In the beginning stages you'll notice that after about a week or so the boil will form a white head - which contains the infected pus. This is when you really need to be careful when touching or washing the boil. Try not to use the same wash cloth or towels as others in your family or the boil could spread to them too. Wash your hands whenever you happen to touch the boil.

How to Heal a Boil Fast
It will probably only take minutes for your doctor to lance the boil and for most people the area heals within 7-10 days. To speed up healing the doctor will probably give you an antibiotic cream which you will apply daily to encourage healing.

If you decide not to have a doctor lance it, you can try some home treatment of boils which take more time, but might work if it's not infected or you're not experiencing other symptoms like -- fever, pain, or red streaks near the location of the boil.

Home treatments include a simple moist warm compress several times a day using a clean wash cloth and warm water. This can help draw the pus to the surface.

Eventually (around 10 days) the head will burst. After that consider washing the area with an antibacterial soap until the pus is gone and the area is healed. You may also consider applying an antibacterial cream and a band-aid to keep the area clean and covered while it heals.

You really should not try to pop the boil with a needle as this could make the infection worse or spread.

While everyone may experience a boil from time to time, some people are more prone to them. This could be caused by many reasons including those susceptible to infections, diabetics, those with immune system disorders, or even just poor hygiene or nutrition.

Some people find that homeopathic remedies can help reduce the frequency and healing time. Click here if you're interested in learning more and seeing pictures of boils.

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