Know How to
Treat a Boil Safely

Most people don’t know how to treat a boil - especially how to pop a sensitive boil. Read on to get more facts before you attempt on your own "home boil treatment".....

Since photos of boils and pimples looks similar, many people get confused and assume it’s a pimple and try to pop it

But, don't be so quick to bust a boil without proper information as theycan be serious, get infected, or worse spread to other parts of the body or to family members. 

A boil is an abscess that develops from bacteria growth called Staphylococcus aureus. Boils usually start from an oil gland or a hair follicle. 

They often show up in moist covered places like the groin or buttock area or under the armpit.

 Boils usually start out as a small whitish bump. And, if left untreated a boil will grow bigger, harder, and eventually become infected, so you need to treat it carefully. 

The infected area will fill up with white blood cells which try to kill the infection. Often a whitehead develops when the pus comes up to the surface. 

The best suggestion is to have a doctor lance the boil to allow it to drain. Sometimes they get so big and filled with pus, that the boil will bust on its own without a need for lancing.

If this happens - make sure to clean the area with an antibiotic soap and apply an antibiotic cream and keep covered - if it's possible. 

Boils can be contagious too, so make sure to keep your hands and clothing or towels clean........

Also, it's a good idea to wash your clothes, towels, wash cloth, and sheets in hot water if possible to prevent it from spreading. 

Treating Boils At Home

If you have an infection, have a fever, or the area is extremely swollen and painful – Do Not try an at home boil treatment……… the advice of a qualified physician immediately. 

A very basic home remedy is soaking the area or applying hot compresses – like a hot wash cloth. 

Some people found that soaking it in Epsom salt helps bring it to a head quicker so that it will either burst on it's own you can gently squeeze until it pops.

However, don't force it - it must have first reached a white head - which is why most people recommend soaking it. 

If soaking is not possible then mix water with some Epsom salt and dip a clean wash cloth, wring out and apply to the boil. Try to get the water as warm as you can stand. 

Apply the warm wash cloth on the affected area for a few minutes off and on constantly reheating the wash cloth. Or if you have boils on the buttocks consider sitting in a hot bath until the water cools down. 

Why warm water? Heat helps to increase circulation and bring the antibodies and white blood cells (which help fight infection) to the surface of the skin.

Hopefully, between the warm water and salt, you'll bring it to a head quicker. 

Do not squeeze or force the boil to pop….you’ll risk spreading the infection. Hopefully, after several heat applications the skin is so filled with pus, it will usually bust on its own. 

When it does make sure to clean the area right away and dispose or wash all clothing or wash clothes that touched the area. Hot water and bleach is best for disinfecting the wash cloth. 

Addition Boil Treatment and Prevention Tips

Obviously, the best advice on how to treat a boil, is prevention. Here are some tips that might help if you find that you frequently suffer from these abscess pimples...... 

Keep It Clean -

  • Most people tend to get boils in the same area over and over again. If that is the case, try to extra careful in keeping that area clean. 

    For example, groin and buttocks are very common places for boils, in addition to showering after exercise or whenever you sweat in excess, make sure to keep your undergarments very clean, change them often, and wash in them in hot water. When you see a boil beginning to form wash the with an antibiotic soap to prevent bacteria from growing and spreading. 

    Consider using a good skin wash – like those developed for acne since this type of wash targets the spreading bacteria and kills it on the spot. An effective, yet gentle to the skin wash is ClearSkin wash 

    ClearSkin Face Wash can be used on all body parts. It helps to unclog pores, remove dead skin layers (very important for those who are prone to boils) all without over drying the skin. It leaves the skin smooth and moist which is so different from other anti-bacterial type soaps. It is best to use this wash two times a day for optimum results.

Internal Prevention -

One of the reasons why people suspect it works so well is that because it's sprayed under the tongue - it by pass the digestive track allowing the healing ingredients to get into your system faster without side effects.

It's also a favorite treatment because there are no messy creams to deal with. 

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