Any solutions on how to heal and treat eczema?

Please help me with my eczema. I can't stand it anymore and now that winter is coming, it's going to get worse.

My skin is bleeding and itching and nothing seems to work.
Thank you for your question about treating eczema. Here are a few natural eczema skin treatments.

First - if you have poor immune function, bloating, digestive problems, or have taken a lot of antibiotics then consider taking Natural Acidolphilus.

Acidophilus is a probiotic which is a "Good" bacteria that lives in your intestines. A poor diet and medication destroys these probiotics and this leads to all sorts of skin and digestive problems.

Second - take Fish oil daily. Fish Oil is important in reducing inflammatory conditions of the skin and for maintain soft, hydrated healthy skin.

Several impressive studies have proven the effects of fish oil on eczema systems in a little 12 weeks.

That takes care of healing your skin from the inside.......

Now to address the outside, I highly recommend you try a chemical free, organic,Natural Treatment for Eczema Soothing Oil.

This wonderful oil heals and and moisturize those dry cracked areas of your skin that itch and burn so badly.

I've had numerous compliments from visitors on how wonderful their skin felt after just the first application of this treatment oil. I hope this information helped.

Linda, Admin Wrinkle Free Skin Tips

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Blistering eczema skin rash

I have this sudden skin rash has been ongoing for some time know. It's an itchy and blistering rash on my arms and legs. I would like your help on this please.


Thanks for your email regarding blistering skin rash. Are you sure it's not eczema? There are many similarities between eczema and rashes. In fact, look at these pictures of eczema.

Contact Dermatitis Images

What was interesting is when you described your rash as blistering.....that sounded more like eczema to me.

The key to trying to figure how to solve your dermatitis skin problem is to first find out the cause.....which can be daunting!

Skin rashes, eczema and all types of dermatitis problems can stem from so many causes ranging from an allergic reaction from laundry detergents to bug bites, food allergies, soaps and lotions, out door plants, even swimming pool or hot tub water.

Something is irritating your skin and as a result, your breaking out in these blisters/hives. If you can back track to when they started and see if you did something new/different. A new soap, body lotion, a new food, have been hiking outdoors, tried a new food?

The best you can do now is to try to find itchy skin relief so won't scratch too much and cause an infection. Keep a diary of flare ups too. This might help.

Finally, if it gets worse, infected, or painful, consider see a doctor to rule out anything serious.

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