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Diagnose My Rash?
by: Anonymous

I recently broke out with a rash on my back that has slightly spread more on my back and on my abdomen. it is raised oval shaped patches that are pink look like dry skin patches and are itchy but more itchy at night.

I've tried benadryl for a week now and lotion creams and it doesn't seem to help i cant tell if it has spread more but definitely has not gone away. can someone help me?

Hi There,

I've posted your question to the forum – hopefully someone may have some information that can help.

Seeing a doctor would be the best thing since the lotions and Benadryl didn't work – but I know a lot people can't afford medical insurance these days so seeing a doctor is not always an option.

However, what you can do is go to your local drugstore and ask a pharmacist.

He/she might have more information and suggestion on topical or non-prescription product you can try that may be more effective then Benadryl.

After doing some research on oval, pink, itchy rash – I did find this interesting site that suggests it could be Pityriassi Rosea.

You didn't say how old you are, but this type of rash usually affects adolescents and young adults.

The good news is they say it's not dangerous and usually clears up on it's own.

The reason for this type of rash is not known, but it is commonly found on the trunk (center )of the body – that would be your stomach and back.

The rash is small and oval in size and have the color or pink/orange – like salmon…………this sounds like exactly what you described.

They also say the rash can be extremely itch and can last for weeks up to months in some cases.
Some people have more severe symptoms along with this rash like a sore throat, a headache, or even a fever.

Sometime exposing the area to ultraviolet rays may help it heal faster. So, maybe a few minutes of sunbathing might help???

If nothing works and it lasts too long or you have more severe symptoms, you should see a doctor. This rash can sometimes be confused with ringworm or even syphilis…..that could be serious.

Your doctor will perform several tests to rule these out. So, please do try to see a physician or least a trained person like a pharmacist – just to get a professional opinion.

Good luck, hope this information helped.

P.S. Here is the link to the Dermatology website on Pityriasis Rosea rash.

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