Large pores and acne/acne scared chin with hairs

by Gina
(Montgomery, TX)

I have tried everything to make my skin not so blotchy.

I've bought more products and I've bought less products. Nothing really works. My nose always looks greasy with big pores.

When I was younger I had gorgeous skin but I had photo-rejuvenation done and laser hair removal at the advice of a doctor. That was the end of EVER going without make-up base.

I have horrible scars on my chin from the laser hair removal and it looks like I have blackheads but they are really hairs.

I pick at them very bad which is my own fault. I have ruined my skin. And I hate for my husband to see me without makeup.

Also, do you have any solutions for making your eyebrows grow. Turning 50 has not been easy on me.

Trying to feel good about yourself and embracing your age is bull. I have to use Lattisse because I didn't have any lashes on the right eye and maybe 5-8 on the left eye.

It definitely works. Now I just need to have some hairs where I used to have eyebrows.

Hi Gina,

Thanks for question regarding large pore and acne scars. Yes, I agree with you – getting older can be a challenge in terms of staying young and healthy looking!

Between exercising to keep the weight down and stay in shape, supplements to stay healthy, and hair treatments to keep my hair in shape and looking shiny and healthy – Well, it's a full time job :-)

You know when you described your skin situation…..blotchy complexion that is oily with pores; the first product that comes to

mind is Zenmed Skin Eraser.

I use it for anti-aging because it is a two-step process that helps "peel" and exfoliate dead skin cells and polishes the complexion – reducing the appearance of fine lines.

And because it increases cell turnover, it helps to stimulate collagen production. And, finally, it helps even out skin tone.

You know wrinkles, fine lines, and hyperpigmentation are three problems that plague aging skin.

But, this product is also intended for those who have issues from scarring and blotches due to post-acne breakouts.

It's pretty intense because it contains a professional grade Ascorbic-Glycolic-Lactic serum.

It can even help those with dry skin, patchy skin too. Sometimes dry skin needs a good exfoliation to eliminate dead skin cells so the moisturizers can penetrate better.

Plus, the scrubbing cream helps smooth out bumps and patches. And the lactic acid in the serum acts as a hydrator too.

You can read about the benefits of cell turnover for aging problem skin here:
Renew Intensive Skin Therapy

And read more about the product here:
Skin Eraser – How It Works

In reference to your eyebrows, I'm not aware of a product that helps grow eyebrows. You might want to ask your doctor or pharmacist if Rogaine or some type of hair growth cream can be used on eyebrows.

I have a friend who uses Latisse and told me that the directions state NOT FOR EYEBROWS, but she has been using it there anyway and has had good results.

But, if I were you – I'd check with the doctor that gave you the Latisse prescription just to be safe.

I hope this helps.

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