Natural Dermabrasion - how to get rid of pimples scars?

by Sidrah Yasmin
(Toronto, Canada)

Hi Linda,

I stared getting pimples when i was 16...& after that i got waxed my face....& since then my pimples have been going off & on......

Last year my face was all clear...but then I started getting them again...i went to the doctor who gave me a cream that cost $60 and it didn't help, the marks are still there......

Also my facial hairs are growing darker on my chin and cheeks. I don't want to wax it because I'm afriad I might get pimples.

My face looks so dull....plz help me....which method should I use to remove facial hairs and can I lighten dark pimple marks.

I don't eat oily foods, I eat whole wheat....& I'm healthy.

Ill be very glad if u help me.

Hello Sidrah,

Thanks for your email regarding natural dermabrasion for acne scars and skin spots. Getting rid of hyperpigmentation – whether it’s from post acne breakout or injury to the skin does take time – so whatever method you use, you need to be patient.

Even chemical, laser, or professional microdermabrasion treatments can take several months of treatments before significant results are seen.

If you suspect that waxing is causing your breakouts - maybe you are allergic to something in the hair removal product, it's hard for me to say.

Also, you said you eat a lot of whole wheat – did you ever consider that maybe you’re allergic to whole wheat? Many people have allergies to

foods that are perfectly healthy........ Wheat allergies are very common and your breakouts could be related to that.

Consider eliminating all wheat products for a month and see if your skin doesn’t clear up. Keep a diary and rotate your “normal” or favorite foods to see if that doesn’t make a difference. Sometimes the foods we crave the most are the ones we could be allergic to.

To reduce discoloration, lighten scars an liven up a dull complexion you should try a series of exfoliation facials.

You can start with simple ones like a mixture of baking soda and water. Massage this paste all over your face (avoiding sensitive areas like the eye) and rinse well. Follow up with a light, oil free moisturizer that won’t clog pores.

Or try sugar and water and do the same things and you’ll see a big improvement in the smoothness of your complexion. For a more intensive facial, try a 2 step facial that includes AHA/BHA.

These fruit acids will naturally lighten discoloration while reducing and eliminating dead skin cells.

This facial is intense, so try it in a small area first and follow directions exactly. Also, make sure to wear a sunscreen while using these treatments.

For facial hair removal, it’s hard for me to know which ones won’t make your face breakout. There are some very gentle cream hair removers that work well for sensitive skin. You can purchase it here:
Surgi-cream Hair Remover For Face

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