Natural Wrinkle Remedies on Dr. Oz show

by Joanne


I saw an episode of the Dr. Oz show about anti-aging tips. He mentioned a glycolic acid or salicylic acid milk for wrinkles, especially forehead wrinkles.

Can you tell more about these two things and how they can help? Also, where can I get and which one is best?


Hi Joanne,

Yes, I saw that episode on the Dr. Oz show.

It's true that deep exfoliation can help the skin look better after just one treatment.

It also encourages cell turn over which can help support collagen production and healthy skin.

The two anti-wrinkle ingredients mentioned on the Dr. Oz show are glycolic acid and salicylic acid…..Lactic acid is also very good to exfoliate, especially for drier more sensitive skin.

All three acids help to "unglue" dead cells making it easier to exfoliate them. Dead skin cells give our complexion a dry dull look and exaggerate fine lines. These acids can also help lighten blotchy skin and age spots and even out skin tone.

The product mentioned on the Dr. Oz show is NeoStrata-Face-Cream-Plus-AHA. But I understand that has been discontinued.

The active ingredient in this product is glycolic acid – which is good for most skin types.

Salicylic acid is best for oily skin types or for those with enlarged or clogged pores. And Lactic acid is great for dry skin.

Some companies combine a few of these acids for enhanced results.

But you can try skin eraser. This product s similar as it contains both glycolic and lactic acid and is cheaper.

For an extra benefit t also comes with a microdermabrasion cream which is another step to further remove dead skin cells, unclog pores, and polish the complexion to a really healthy shine.

But, either way both products can really help smooth your complexion and give it a younger, healthier glow.

Hope this helps

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Feb 20, 2015
Online Wrinkle cream
by: Kaye

I read an article on 2 creams that could be used together and wrinkles practically went away. These products were free you just had to pay $5.95 S&H.

I believe you ordered from the Dr Oz show. Can you help me. Thank you.

Editor's Note Hello Kaye, I'm sorry I'm not sure what creams you are asking about.

I did a search on Google for a wrinkle cream for $5.00 mentioned the name Dr. Oz and found this link below:

This sounds like what you were describing. Two creams for about $5.00. And it does mention Dr. Oz.

But please read this ad carefully before you purchase anything.

Dr. Oz is NOT endorsing this product, he is being quoted as saying that the combination of Hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C is beneficial for the skin.

Also, whenever you see an ad that promises a product for free while you only pay shipping and handling......that usually means you are agreeing to an auto-service membership.

This means, if you keep the products the will charge your credit card the full price and will automatically send you more products each month AND keep charging your credit card.

The only way to stop that is to contact them and tell them to cancel your membership and you might have to send the products back and you will have to pay to ship them back.

Just want to warn you, because I've been scammed before with some of these companies.

I hope I've been helpful. Just be sure to read and maybe even call them first before giving them your credit card number.

Take care,

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