Neova Skincare DNA Repair

If you have age spots, Neova Skincare might be the answer...............the reviews look pretty impressive.

See the video below.......

Finding a skincare product that works to smooth and tone discolored skin from years of sunning without adequate protection is a common problem.

This over-the-counter, non-prescription skincare treatment was tested on The Doctors' show and the results looked promising. See video below:

How Does Neova Night Therapy Work?

According to Dr. Ordon, he's not sure exactly how it the total repair works.........but believes it has to do with inhibiting free radical damage.

The manufacture states that DNA damage is what causes wrinkles, age spots, laxity, and enlarged pores.

If you can repair damaged DNA - you can help reverse some of the signs of aging.

Is It Chemical Free and Safe?

Neova DNA Cream is NOT bleach! Instead it contains natural ingredients like Photolysomes from plankton work instantly when activated by the light to repair damaged DNA.

And it does this without using questionable chemical lighteners like hydroquinone.

Hydrquinone is prescription topical chemical used to reduce hyperpigmentation and has been banned in some countries in Europe. There is some question over its safety and that maybe it might have some carcinogenic properties and other side effects.

Powerful Delivery For Better Results

All of the ingredients are liposome encapsulated -- this means they have a special delivery system engineered to better penetrate the epidermal cells to enhance DNA repair for ultimate results.

Better penetration can result in better results. 

Reviews on Neova

Basically, the majority of those who have tried Neova DNA Total Repair saw a reduction in the appearance of age spots, discoloration, and fine lines.

How do you use it?

  • Massage Neova onto the affected areas on a clean face
  • Apply twice a day for best results
  • Use a sunscreen daily during treatment

The Neova skincare is not just for the face, don’t forget your neck, chest, and the top of your hands.

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