Nobody could believe that I am 41 y.o !!!

by Nawal
(Budapest, Hungary)

Thank you for this opportunity..I am trying to take care of my skin by myself.. But from last year, tried to go to the beautician for light peeling.

This year I am going for micro-dermabrasion and hope will see the difference.

Otherwise, I would like to know which kind of cream have to use? And my only problem is to get rid of nasolabial and eyes wrinkles..
Thank you very much..


Hello N.S.

Oh my goodness! Your skin is gorgeous!

You're obviously doing the right things because your skin is beautiful! Now, you just need to keep it that way.

After 35 yrs. of age, it's important to help exfoliate our skin. As we age we are not able to shed dead skin cells as easily as when we were younger. This causes dull skin, exaggerated lines, adult acne, and clogged pores.

I like to use a glycolic acid and/or lactic acid to sort of polish and buff the skin. The home type acids are nothing to be afraid off as they are not as strong as the ones used by professionals, so there is no serious peeling, redness, or healing down time.

The one I use is made from fruit acids and contains some organic aloe for extra soothing. The beauty of this serum is you'll see a difference after the first treatment.

Your skin will have that super smooth, healthy glow and feel.

Plus over time, it helps to reduce fine lines, increase collagen and clean out clogged pores and whiteheads. Plus, the lactic acid is a natural humectant which means it helps hydrate your skin.

As far as an every day cream, I would use simple, chemical free natural moisturizer. You can even use this moisturizer around the delicate eye area.

The nasal labial folds are a tough one to tackle without surgery or cosmetic fillers. I'm a firm believer in facial exercises and while they take some time to see're firming up cheeks, eyes, and the neck area too.....which eventually will start to sag as you get closer to your 50's.

What to see how facial exercises work? Click on this link facial exercise video/samples

You'll see Carolyn (the face exercise expert) demonstrate 3 exercises. And, look how young she looks! She's over 64 years old in this video. She was featured on The Morning Show in Australia.

I hope I was able answer all of your question. Please feel free to contact me if you have any more.

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