Nummular Eczema

Nummular eczema is a type of skin disorder characterized by a very itchy and stubborn rash. I'm often asked “what does eczema look like?”

This type of eczema sometimes looks like a fungus or ring worm because the center of the lesion may clear up leaving just a scaly ring.

As these lesions get older they often becomes clear in the center and the outer ring can become scaly.

Numular eczema is chronic and goes through periods where eczema symptoms get worse and then suddenly improve.

Treatment and Causes

Unfortunately, the causes of this type of dermatitis is not known. And, there is no cure.

However, it can be controlled or treated with very strong prescription medication or ointments - but most people have a hard time tolerating the side effects.

Doctors do know that this it is more frequently found in those with extremely dry skin. People prone to any kind of eczema often have sensitive skin that’s easily irritated by:

  • soaps and laundry detergents
  • fabric softeners
  • extreme weather conditions like very hot, cold, or windy weather
  • certain rough clothing like wool

While allergies may also aggravate most common eczema skin symptoms as in the case of atopic eczema -- they are not a factor in nummular eczema.

Dry skin and low humidity are some of the main cause of symptoms and flare-ups in nummular eczema. So using the proper moisturizer is important.

Treatment For Eczema

Have you tried tons of creams that just don't work? Since you're here reading this page, it's a safe bet to say you're still looking for an effective eczema treatment.

This time try a natural healing oil, that works with your naturally to heal skin disorders

This specially formulated treatment is 100% Natural, chemical, herbicide, and fertilizer free. This is very important because eczema skin is hypersensitive so your eczema treatments should especially formulated for ultra-sensitive skin.

Regardless of the skin condition you have, your skin will feel softer, smoother, and less flaky, and most people find instant relief from the itching and burning. Plus, you can try it for 60 days risk free.

As a health advisor for over 25 years, I've done my best to find the most natural and gentle solution for a variety of dermatitis and other skin problems and found this to be the fastest way to soothe dry, scratchy, cracked skin.

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