Organic Skin Cleanser

Many people are looking for organic skin cleansers in order to avoid harsh chemicals that common place in many of our skin care products today.

Most people are finally realizing that chemicals, additives, preservatives, fragrances, and animal products pose a serious threat to our skin and our health in general

One common ingredient found in most cleansers, that you Won’t find in organic facial cleansers is sodium Laureth sulfate (SLES).

This chemical is added simply to help the product foam up and has nothing to do with cleaning the skin. So, eliminating it from your facial cleanser cream will not affect how clean you’ll get your skin.

SLES can be irritating to the skin and causes skin damage, skin aging and can cause liver toxicity.

A report published in the Journal of The American College of Toxicology showed that just a small concentration - 0.5% of SLES can cause skin irritation and levels of 10-30% can cause skin corrosion along with severe irritation.

So why would you want to wash your face with something like that? Especially, if your concerned with aging skin!

What To Look For In Organic Face Cleansers

A good alternative would be to use organic face cleansers that are free from any additives or chemicals – which will just age the skin faster.

But, it needs to effective enough to properly cleans the skin and keep pores...….without over drying.

And, it must be pH balanced too.

What does pH balance mean and Why is this important?

Well a pH measurement of a product tells you how alkaline or acidic the product is. And this is important because our skin has a very delicate pH balance range of 4.2 to 5.6.

So you don’t want to use a product that is too much higher than this or too much lower…..Other wise, you’ll destroy a layer of skin called the acid mantle.

The acid mantle is essentially the sebum (or oil) on your skin's surface. Its job is to protect your skin and keep it hydrated.

It also protects the skin against damaging elements of the environment like wind, sun or bacteria. Many people have never heard about the acid mantle or how important it is not only for healthy skin, but also good looking skin.

But if you have acne, skin allergies, eczema, or sensitive skin that gets irritated easily, chances are the pH balance of your skin is off -- due to harsh facial cleansers.

The acid mantle can help protect the skin against:

  • the formation of blackheads
  • blemishes -- because it can inhibit bacterial growth and fungus
  • irritants, skin allergies, acne and other disorders

So if suffer from any of these skin disorders, chances are you brought this upon yourself by using harsh products with either a too high or too low pH balance.

The Best Organic Skin Cleanser - Our Recommendation

Here is an organic skin cleanser that is pH balanced, works equally well on dry skin, oily skin, or acne prone skin – all without irritation or excess dryness.

And it contains organic ingredients like Aloe Vera gel and Tea Tree – which helps to remove makeup, residue and excess oil, without throwing off the natural pH balance of the skin (acid mantel).

But best of all, this cleansing gel does not contain:

  • Sodium Lauryl or Sodium Laureth Sulfate
  • Parabens
  • Petrochemicals
  • Synthetic Dyes, Fragrances, or Animal Products

Long term use of this Organic Facial Cleanser will have bring your skin back to its normal healthy state.

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