Pore Mask

minimizing pores with clay facial masks

How far would you go for a good pore mask?

Many women have tried tons of crazy home made recipes and store bought pore mask products................

But are they effective? All we want is smaller, less visible pores!

Eliminating  blackheads and acne breakouts too - would be helpful too, even for women over 40. 

Clay Facial Masks and More

Many women of all ages suffer from enlarged pores and blackheads, but often get confused by all the  products on the market.

As long as I can remember - clay facial masks were the only option that really worked.

At least for a week or so and then those blackheads and enlarged pores seemed to creep back in.

After some extensive research about the leading ingredients in pore minimizing masks, I have a better idea of which ones will work best.

First of all, find a product that contains all-natural ingredients. This is especially a great tip for mature skin that is more prone to wrinkling. 

Don't forget, women over 40 have to deal with enlarged pores, blackhead, breakouts AND wrinkles!

My favorite masks is a microdermabrasion polisher

A microdermabrasion polishing cream can help clean out impurities and make pores look tighter.

Often times this can help  control oil production, loosen and reduce blackheads, and even prevent future breakouts. 

Look for a botanical mask that also contains skin loving herbs like rosemary, sea kelp, sage, and coltsfoot. These herbal ingredients designed to reduce redness and calm skin down.

The benefits of not using clay - for us women over 40 -  this mask does not dry out your skin!

But, if you love clay masks here are some more tips.....

How To Reduce Pores Effectively

For best results, first clean and dry the face.

Then massage a thin layer of a botanical clay facial mask all over the face – avoiding the eye and lip area.

Let the mask dry for about 5 minutes and rinse off completely.

Follow with a gentle, oil free moisturizer.

I love using masks and feel that using them regularly helps keep my pores clean and tight.

It is generally not recommended to apply a pore mask more than every two or three days at the least.

Most recommend use once a week or every other week. Any more than that can possibly cause the skin to become over dry and may even worsen some skin conditions.

For those who like to use natural ingredients, try beating an egg white with a teaspoon of lemon juice, apply to the face and leave on till dry.

Other household items such as Milk of Magnesia and even buttermilk are often used as well.

Try experimenting!

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