Pseudomonas Dermatitis - Hot Tub Rash

Pseudomonas Dermatitis ………………….sounds pretty scary doesn’t it?

Well it’s not so bad, it’s basically, known as “hot tub rash” which is a condition that is usually caused by contaminated water in pools, lakes and hot tubs.

Warm water allows fungal growth and decreases the time that chemicals are effective in reducing that growth.

The most common cause of the rash is the bacteria called “pseudomonas aeruginosa”, but it is far less frightening than it sounds. 

Contact Dermatitis Illustrations - Symptoms

contact dermatitis pictures

(photo courtesy of and Hardin Library Health Sciences)

Symptoms of the infection usually first appear within a few days of exposure.

While the symptoms may vary a bit from person to person, they all usually include a red bumpy rash that itches.

Where the swimsuit holds water against the skin the rash can be more pronounced. In some cases there can be blisters around hair follicles.

In most instances the Pseudomonas Dermatitis rash will clear up within a few days if exposure to the contaminated source stops.

Hot tub rash can also be the cause of a slight fever and if it enters the ear, eyes or mouth treatment with antibiotics may be necessary.

What To Do About a Hot Tub Rash

The easiest way to protect yourself from this mild infection is to ask what the maintenance schedule for a pool or hot tub is.

A slightly higher level of chlorine should be used in larger water rides or hot tubs than would be called for in a normal swimming pool.

Washing with a mild cleanser designed for this type of infection rather than regular soap or just rinsing after using a pool or hot tub can reduce the effects and duration of an outbreak.

If you are experiencing a hot tub rash on the face stop using all facial creams and any anti-aging treatments until the rash clears up.

Wearing your swim suit after you are out of the water can also increase the effect of an infection, so removing it as soon as you are done is advised.

Washing the suit as soon as possible will remove any contamination that could be dormant until it is reactivated by further warm water.

If the infection from Pseudomonas Dermatitis causes blisters they should be cleaned and covered with sterile dressing.

Try to avoid skin to skin contact with other body parts and wash any surfaces or cloth that come in contact with the area. You don’t want this infection spreading to other parts of the body.

Most cases are mild, but startling................................

Proper hygiene is very important here. Make sure the cleanser or wash you use is specific for this type of skin condition.

It should be free from fragrances, dyes, additives and should contain ingredients to help hydrate and heal the skin like aloe and oatmeal.

This can help make it softer and less itchy. The less itch, the less chance of infection and spreading.

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