Quick Crepey Skin Under My Eyes – Home Remedies

quick fix for crepey skin under eyes

quick fix for crepey skin under eyes

I’m looking for a quick fix for the crepey skin under my eyes.

I don’t have lots of wrinkles or puffy eyes, but more like little tiny road map lines directly under my eyes, even when I’m not smiling.

And, I have tried moisturizing under eye creams and special makeup but they just seem to make the lines show up even more.

My skin doesn’t seem dry and looks pretty nice, except for those tiny crepey lines under my lower eyelids.

Do you have any quick fixes? I tried some home remedies, but if they are working……well they seem to be taking forever, because I still have them!

Editor’s Note: Thanks for your question regarding quick fix for crepey skin under the eyes.

Along with puffiness and some wrinkles – this has been a problem for me too. I found that the Instant Eye Tuck Serum helps “mask” those lines pretty well.

The serum creates a mattifying look (without drying out the skin) that not only helps reduce the look of puffiness but those tiny lines – which I simply refer to as wrinkles. It’s worth a try.

I’ve been a fan, customer, and a wholesaler of the Instant Eye Tuck since 2012 and still have not found anything that works as better than this serum.

If you want to see how it works, visit this page: Swollen Puffy Eyes

Home Remedies: The other thing to consider trying is a home remedy for crepey skin under the eyes.

I’ve been doing this as part of my facial exercise workout and am noticing that the skin under my eyes seems firmer and less papery.

1. Take your favorite moisturizer or oil and apply it gently all around the under eye area.

2. The take your middle fingers and rest them at the inner corner of your eyes – against your nose. Let your thumbs rest on your lower face.

3. The open your mouth wide and make a tight O with your lips.

4. Squint with your lower lids so the under eye skin and muscle is tight.

5. Then make little tiny circles with your middle fingers moving gently massaging across your lower lids until you reach your temples.

Repeat this 5 times.

NOTE: Make sure your lower lid muscles are tight by squinting with your LOWER LIDS ONLY and opening your mouth into a wide O

I hope this helps.

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