Reduce Oily Skin

How far would you go to  reduce oily skin?  There's no need to resort to damaging scrubs  or harsh cleansers.

We'll show you some gentle and safe oily skin care tips that will help reduce the grease, but keep the soft.

Safe Oily Skin Care Tips

Contrary to popular belief - oily skin doesn't protect you against developing wrinkles and lines. And, it doesn't mean your skin is hydrated...........

If you're over35, you still need to make sure to protect and hydrate your complexion.

Additionally hyperactive oil glands leave pores enlarged so the skin ceases to look smooth.

What Causes Oily Skin

In order to reduce oily skin, first we need to understand what perpetuates it.

If you have a parents or siblings with oily skin, you’re far more likely to follow that pattern as some of it is hereditary.

Besides this, a diet filled with greasy junk food, out of kilter hormones, the use of heavy cosmetics, and various environmental factors (like heat) can also create the perfect scenario for oily skin.

By far the largest group struggling with this type of skin condition is teens.

The older you get, the dryer your skin becomes (which is why moisturizer later in life is important).

Emotionally the impact of oil and blemishes on teenagers isn’t pretty. It has a strong negative effect on self-images and often leads to teasing.

How to Treat Oily Skin

Before you go on an all-out assault against oily patches in your skin, remember that oil can be your friend.

People with healthy amounts of oil in their skin don’t show signs of aging so rapidly.

That means that while you may wish to reduce the oil, you don’t want to just get rid of it altogether.

Specifically don’t look for commercial products that leave your skin dry. That can actually make matters far worse – i.e. your cells could try to produce even more oil because of the dryness.

Instead, use a gentle soap up to three times a day, and rinse your skin very well. If the surface feels too dry afterward, apply oil-free moisturizer cream.

Avoid anything with additives – natural is better.

Avoid wearing heavy make up whenever possible, and consider cleansing masks as part of your weekly regiment.

Simple Skin Remedies

Here are some simple oil free steps to consider:

Use an effective facial cleansing gel that is specially formulated for oily skin.

However, if you're over 35, don't use those drug store brands aimed at teenagers.

You'll over dry your skin and exaggerate lines and wrinkles. You need to use a a pH balanced gentle cleanser that will not only clean your pores, reduce oily breakouts, but protect the skin from aging and wrinkles.

This is very important for mature skin.

Also, try using an organic clay mask weekly to get rid of the "gunk" that's clogging up the pores - especially all those hard to get to pores around the nose area.

A good botanical mask helps to draw all the excess oil and blackheads/whiteheads from the pores.

It also works well as a spot treatment for minor breakouts. This clay mask works and it works fast!

You can even leave this on overnight as a spot treatment to get rid of pimples. I have and it works great!

Finally, just because you have oily skin, don't forget to moisturize it.

Otherwise, it will look sallow, dull, and dehydrated. Just make sure to use an oil free, oil inhibiting moisturizer.

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