Rosacea Pictures

When looking at rosacea pictures it’s easy to see why some people may confuse it with acne because of the redness, inflammation, bumps and pimples. 

But, unlike getting help for acne - finding relief for Rosacea is much more difficult.

Rosacea is a pretty serious skin disease and if not treated early, it can get much worse.

The skin will continue to get redder and more bumps, pimples, and blood vessels will appear on the skin’s surface.

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This page contains pictures of rosacea, as rosacea awareness is very important. To date, over 14 million adults suffer from rosacea.

Many people don’t know what the causes of rosacea are or that they even have it. So if these pictures of rosacea look familiar, you should consider getting medical treatment soon.

If you've tried conventional medication without good results, then maybe an added home treatment for rosacea might help.

Some find that reducing irritation and inflammation can help at least to relive the irritating and sometimes painful symptoms. 

Rosacea Awareness

Rosacea is a progressive skin disease that may start out as mild flushing of the nose, cheeks, forehead and chin.

This flushing will come and go in the early stages, but as the disease progress, it becomes more intense and more frequent until it looks like you have a permanent sunburn or windburn. 

In moderate stages, bumps, pimples, and broken blood vessels appear on the face – along with some inflammation.

In the more severe case, rosacea can cause facial disfigurement, burning sensations and excess tissue growth around the nose area called rhinophyma - as seen in the rosacea picture below.

Rhinophyma is what gave W.C. Field – the late comedian – his bulbous nose, which later became his trademark look. Rosacea can also affect the eyes – called ocular rosacea.

In this case, the eyes become red, watery, bloodshot, and irritated.

Immediate ocular rosacea treatment is very important and should be done by a qualified physician. Rosacea can also found on the scalp, ears, neck, back, and chest.

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While there is no permanent cure, a typical conventional treatment for rosacea includes the use of prescription medication like Accutane.

While these drugs might provide temporary relief for some people, they don’t address the underlying causes and carry uncomfortable or possibly dangerous, side effects….especially affecting the liver.

Alternative Treatments for Rosacea

As a health advisor, I always believe it’s best to use natural alternative treatments for rosacea symptoms – even if you are already using conventional medication.

This combination of conventional and alternative treatment can only help increase your chances of success.

While this is not a natural cure for rosacea - but it can help address the symptoms and improve the way you look and feel.

The key to the success of this rosacea support system is that you can tailor it to your specific needs. Not everyone with this disease has an oily complexion.

Some rosacea suffers also have very dry skin and have a hard time using the "typical" rosacea treatments on the market.

Click on the link above to see the two different types of support available.

This complete rosacea support system helps to control those embarrassing flare-ups as well as control blotchiness and nose swelling.

If these rosacea pictures look familiar and you tried other options with no success - consider trying a more gentler approach.

There are several products on the market that can also help kill the bacteria that causes the problem. And these products are usually formulated  without harsh chemicals or additives – which will only further damage the skin.

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