Sagging Neck Skin Caused by Neck Exercises?

by Sonya

sagging neck skin exercises

sagging neck skin exercises


I've read your pages on how to deal with sagging neck skin and they usually recommend neck exercises. But most of the neck exercises suggested usually require you to stretch you neck skin.

And, it's not just your site, but other sites also suggest some type of face and neck exercise that seem to cause you to stretch the neck skin.

My question is: Won't this cause the skin to become even more lose and saggy?

Editor's Note:

Hi Sonya, thanks for your question regarding sagging neck skin and how to firm it up.

While it may seem like stretching your neck will make matters worse, if done correctly, it's just the opposite. Because your also stretching and elongating the neck muscle.

The right face and neck exercise program can actually help make your face and neck look firmer by firming up underlying muscles and stimulating the skin via healthy massage.

The program I use includes several different neck exercises. And it may look like your stretching the skin - but you're really elongating the neck muscle which helps smooth out the skin too.

When it comes to facial and neck aging - it's not the skin alone that causes use to look older and saggy - the muscles play an important part too.

The skin is draped/connected to the muscle and when the muscle sags, it will show through on the skin.

Also, with an aging face, certain muscles (and bone) elongate which can contribute to that "droopy" look. Eye sockets widen, cheek muscles deflate, jowls sag.......everything begins to droop downward.

And some muscles (like the neck muscle) contract and shorten and become stiff. This can create those lines, bands, puckering we often see across the front of an aging neck.

The right exercises can help counter these muscle changes to soften the look of aging.

For example: I do cheek lifting exercises to help plump up my cheeks and neck brush and neck stretching to keep the platysma muscle relaxed.

I'm not an expert in this field, but I do follow the advice of a facial anti-aging expert and am very happy with my results.

Cut and paste the link below to learn more and see my before and after pictures:

You can also learn more about how anti-aging neck exercises work.

Hope this helps.

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