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Nov 02, 2010
Thinning Skin on the face

Hi there,

thanks very much for your information, your website/posts have been informative!

I have had eczema all of my life, and most of it is cleared but I still have a red face due to thin skin from the steroid usage..

I am actually considering skin-laser to rejuvinate the skin which has been worn down by steroids, i have only had good reviews, you can do this yourself at home but it costs around £300.00 so im still sceptical.

I would love to hear thoughts and feedback.

Kind regards


Hi Sunny,

Thanks for your email. I'd be very careful with any laser or chemical peel since your skin is already so thin from the steroid use.

Please consult with a dermatologist before doing any type procedure on your face to make sure you don't over thin the skin and cause further damage.

I hope this helps, and good luck.

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