Over-the-Counter Stretch Mark Remedy

What's the best stretch mark remedy cream that you can buy without a prescription? Well that depends on whom ask.

 I've read a number of reviews on the Revitol remedy removal cream, but based customer feedback, I realized it's not one of the most effective options on the market.

We all know that a chemical peel or laser treatment might be the most quickest and most effective. But not everyone can afford it.

Also, some complexions are prone to hyperpigmentation, especially those with darker complexion. So even an expensive laser treatment may not offer clearer smoother results.

If you do decide to try an over-the-counter cream - here is a good option.

There is a new new stretch mark cream commercially available that's pretty powerful and works especially well on the thicker areas of the body. Click on the link above to read more.

However, Do not use this on the face, as it's too strong.

In order for a successful remedy treatment effectively reduce the appearance of marks and discoloration, it needs to accomplish several things:

  • Remove the outermost layer of dead cells
  • Nourish and promote healthy cell turn over
  • Reduce discoloration

What Causes a Strech Mark?

It usually happens when connective tissue breaks down in the dermis because it was forced to stretch beyond it's normal growth.

At the beginning the stretched area looks tight and purplish riverbeds. Over time it lightens and fades, but what’s left are silver lines which could get wider and longer.

Worse, make up doesn’t seem to help much. We all associate these problems with common body or hormonal changes - like pregnancy or excess weight loss or gain.

Is There an Effective Stretch Mark Remedy?

Yes, there is an effective remedy to lighten the area - making it less visible.

While many people are overwhelmed by the number of treatments on the market there is a simple, but pretty powerful dermal stretch mark lotion that can help smooth and tone the area.

Medical strength botanical extracts along with glycolic acid help to gently fade the appearance of marks and discoloration.

In addition, the herb - centilica asiatica - is know for it's ability to help to stimulate collagen, elasticity, and new cells.

This cost effective option certainly look appealing compared to the $1000 bill for laser surgery stretch mark removal (that's per session!).

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