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May 13, 2011
Biosil, collagen, Artrosilium, glucosamine, etc.
by: Leslee

My desk is full of pamphlets expounding the benefits of collagen, silicon and glucosamine. I am confused. Should I take collagen directly or silicon/silica to help my body make it's own collagen and glucosamine? I have osteoarthrits and borderline osteoporosis, plus rotator cuff tears in both shoulders, damaged vertebra and stenosis at L3/4 which causes heavy legs, lameness, cramps and sciatica, plus disc degeneration. (Whew!) As I'm a pensioner I need to spend my limited money for the greatest benefit. I presently take 9000mg fish oil, Vit.D3, calcium and glucosamine, plus prescription painkillers. Please advise the best combination for me. Thank you.

Hi Leslee,

Before taking any advice or supplements, make sure you check with your doctor first. It is my understanding that the body can't absorb collagen very well - but Biosil contains the building blocks the body needs to make it's own collagen.

Personally, given your situation, I would add Biosil to the mix because it helps support bone density and strength, along with healthy joints, cartilage, arteries, hair, nails, and skin.

While there are no side effects or contraindications - that I'm aware of - on taking Biosil with other supplements or medication, I would still advise that you double check with your physician before doing so.

Aug 26, 2010
Romaine and Spinach Trial and Error Cure
by: Patrisha

I'm one of the baby boomers who hasn't aged badly except for the past year, I noticed bleeding under
my skin especially on the back of my hands and forearms. I was constantly covering up the dreaded "purpura" spots with foundation makeup that I don't even wear on my face.

I realized I wasn't eating salads as much I used to and whenever I did, my Borderbernese dog, Sierra, was practically knocking me over to eat my salad. I remembered reading somewhere that the body can heal itself with the right nutrients; obviously, my dog knew something I didn't.

She needed lettuce and spinach to help her hips...she had a difficult time getting up. I noticed everytime she ate salads which is now almost everyday, she gets up with ease and wants to walk with my other dogs. I also noticed that since I have to make salads for her, I am also eating them almost every day and I no longer have bleeding under my skin.

I was eating cooked collards and kale everyday but the raw lettuce and spinach must have the necessary nutrients and enzymes to strengthen weak capillaries.

I am happy that I found a site verifying what I discovered through trial and error out of desperation for both my dog and me. I started slacking off on the salads a couple of weeks ago and boom, my hand hit the corner of my desk....a red blob was under my skin but not as dark as the previous ones.

So I guess the cure is to eat a lot of vitamin K (kale, collards, mustard greens, lettuce spinach etc) and Vitamin P (bioflavinoids - citrus, rutin etc)

Hi Patrisha,

Thanks for your contribution. You are right on -- vitamin K is very helpful for many things - but especially protecting your capillaries.

And getting it from your vegetables is a great way to get the other nutrients found green leafy veggies.

Thanks for sharing that great information.

May 20, 2010
steroid shots
by: Anonymous

I too had 1 shot in each thumb joint and now I have bruises and thin skin-like paper.

I look like I have something deadly!It took a couple of weeks to kick in-and finally the pain went away-now for 7 months,it is starting to come back and I am undecided whether to do it again-or wear gloves year round!

What did you have shots for? Arthritis? If so consider taking fish oils and BioSil.

The BioSil will not only help with healthier skin, but is great for joints, cartilage, hair, and nails.

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