Hide Under Eye Bags

I've had issues with under eye bags since high school!

Actually, at that time it was only under my right eye - which I almost lost due to an accident when I was 5.

Ever since then, the area underneath would swell up from anything...............

Allergies, not enough sleep, too much salt....you name it.

And it was always puffy first thing in the morning. I hated it.

So What Could I Do?

The swelling got worse as I got older. So, in my mid-forties I had cosmetic surgery to remove some of the fat.

However, I still suffer from puffiness and bags!!

The plastic surgeon told me there was nothing else he could do and couldn't remove any more fat from the under eye area.

And………….I now have more wrinkles in that area from all the stretching over the years - remember, this area is very thin and delicate.

Very frustrating! I've spent thousands of dollars on cosmetic surgery, creams, serums, but nothing really worked well………….

Except the Easy Solution Eye Tuck serum.

How I Reduce Under Eyelid Swelling

This serum is especially designed for under eye bags and fine lines.

You can see how well it works - here on this video - Swollen Baggy Eyes

My Experience

The best way to explain it is that it acts like a girdle..................helping to contract and pull in slightly.

Plus, it it leaves a light matte finish which blurs imperfections - like fine lines – so everything looks smooth and tight.

Nothing will make that area perfect again..............but this is the closest solution I've found.

I use it every day, because their research says the active ingredients in this serum (like glucosamine and others) helps to improve and firm tissues overtime.

This has been a miracle to me............................

Especially first thing in the morning when I wake up looking puffy and have to face people before the under area swelling  had time to go down a bit.

If you suffer from a similar situation, you probably understand  it's usually worse in the morning and gets better as the day goes on and some of the fluid recedes.

Over the years, I've tried similar instant serums – from drug store brands to expensive ones from designer cosmetic lines – but they were all  too drying, too tight, and too irritating.

Or just didn't work!

This under eye serum is different………..it's very soothing, soft, and comfortable.

Also, it can be worn under or on top of your favorite creams, makeup, and sunscreen lotions. The others couldn't be used with any type of cream…….

I don't know of any woman over 30 who can go without an eye cream or moisturizer!

The Cost?

I understand that it may think it's a bit pricey at $75.00 per bottle.  

But, only a tiny drop is need for best results (more is not better.) And, if used this way, there are about 300 applications per bottle.

So this product should last about 10 months………that's more than ¾ of a year.

When you look at that way, it's actually a bargain. Especially since it works!

If your under eye are is swollen, puffy, or baggy or you have tiny wrinkles or crinkles  – how much would you pay for a product that can really help reduce the appearance?  

At less than .25 cents per application……….I think it's a bargain.

What can I say………..I love this product and will never stop using it.

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