What Causes Age Spots

So what causes those annoying age spots?

what causes age spots

You know ……………………those little (sometimes not so little) irregular brown dots we find on backs of our hands, legs, and sometime on our face?


Melanin is what gives skin it's color.

Actually, the main cause of this old age blemish is mostly due to too much ultraviolet radiation – i.e. sun exposure.


When you're out in the sun and over-exposed to ultraviolet radiation, one of your skin's protective mechanism – to protect and prevent DNA damage – is to start producing melanin ….hence a tan.

However, due to the combination of constant repeated UVA exposure and aging, the skin loses its ability to protect itself – resulting in long term damage – possibly at the DNA level.

As a result melanin gets stored in concentrated areas – showing up as round age looking blotches over the most exposed areas of our body like face, hands, shoulders, and chest.

What Are Age Spots?

Well simply put, lentigos - or sometimes called liver spots even though they have nothing to do with the liver – are basically just clusters of concentrated melanin (dark or brown colored spots).

Starting to See Spots? Why Me?

People with light or fair complexion tend to be most susceptible to developing lentigos……..especially those who burn quickly or don’t tan easily - and these spots seem to multiply quickly as we age.

There is also a genetic factor that is important to know….people with a history of melanoma or precursor to melanoma are more likely to develop lentigos.

How Do You Protect Yourself?

Sunscreen, hats, SPF clothing and most important…….. Sun avoidance whenever possible.This is especially important if you're getting treatments to remove age spots.

I know this is sad to hear, because if you’re interested in the causes or getting rid of age spots, you’re probably a diehard sun worshiper to begin with ………………………..

And nothing is sadder than to tell a sun worshiper to “stay out of the sun!”

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