What Is Retinol?

What is retinol and what does it do? According to Dr. Pickart, it seems to increase skin oils and therefore works very well for mature, drier skin.

What is retinol and where does it come from? Pure retinol is derived from a vitamin A molecule. 

Retinol is a component of tretinoin, which is the active ingredient found in the prescription acne/wrinkle cream called Retin-A. 

Retinol belongs to a group of chemical components called retinoids. 

And is one of the few ingredients whose component is so small it can actually penetrate the skin.

This ingredient is powerful enough to get deep enough into the layers so it can work on collagen and elastin repair without the irritation that Retin-A users commonly experience.

Once fully absorbed into skin Retinol can begin to repair wrinkles, fine lines, increase moisture and elasticity. The result is softer, smooth, glowing skin.

What Makes Retinol an
Excellent Wrinkle Cream?

 Our skin cells have receptor sites to accept rentioic acid which is why in the past, prescription Retin-A was the favorite for antiaging and wrinkle reduction and prevention.

But the problem – Retin-A was too irritating for even the most tolerant skin…… I know I couldn’t tolerate it and my skin is generally not that sensitive.

However, over the last recent years, more stable forms of retinol have be discovered -- allowing for better skin cell communication, better penetration and better free radical protection – because of its antioxidant capabilities.

This helps not only in terms of skin aging, but to create strong, healthy skin.

What Is Retinol and
How To Use Retinol Creams?

A Retinol cream is usually used to help moisturize dry skin and improving acne, sun spots, and wrinkles.

These creams are usually thick and soothing and are best used at night for optimum results.

One of the best ways to rejuvenate aging, dry sensitive skin is by using soothing, hydrating Retinol creams.

They are a much gentler alternative to other wrinkle removers like Retin-A and they work great with other anti aging creams.

A soothing  retinol creams is Green Cream Retinol.

This green cream contains 0.3% pure retinol - this is the strongest kind. It not only exfoliation dull skin – so skin looks instantly better.

And, long term use it helps repairs cellular structure damage gradually in the epidermal cells as well as in the dermal collagen and small blood vessels.

It will also help shrink oil glands, which reduces pore size, and diminishes scars. The resulting effect is new collagen growth and thicker, plumper skin.

Most people experience these results in a few short months.

What Is Retinol And How To Use A Retinol Serum?

Many people ask what are retinol serums and when or how would I use them.

Serums are concentrated and usually only applied once a day at night before going to bed so it can perform an intensive skin repair while you sleep.

Results are often seen quickly and because retinol serums are highly concentrated only a small amount is needed - so it lasts longer.

In addition, they directly to problem areas like stubborn sun spots, crows feet and frown lines.

Now, what if you have super sensitive skin? Then you should consider starting out with a more gentle retinol serum.

Most people with sensitive skin have no problem using retinol serums.

Plus you can add this serum to your current, favorite moisturizer - so it's cost effective!

Retinol Side Effects

Retinol side effects are very mild and most people have no problems using the products recommend here on this page – as they are specifically developed for sensitive skin.

General retinol side effects include a slight redness, itching, or stinging. This is considered normal and usually goes away once your skin has adjusted to the cream.

However, if it persists or experience any other problems -- contact your dermatologist.

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