Best Wrinkle Creams

What's the best wrinkle Creams for women over 50?

Hi Karen,

It really depends on what your skin needs. Is it dry? Is it oily - oily skin can get wrinkles too.

Do you have any acne problems or acne scars? Do you have blackheads, large pores?

Write back to me and let me know more about your skin type and I'll be able to guide you better.

Linda, Admin Wrinkle Free Skin Tips

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Eye creams for nasal labial folds??


Hi Linda,

Happy New Year!
I've read in several skincare blogs that the ingredients in eye creams are more concentrated and work pretty good in reducing nasal labial folds. Do you agree? If so, which eye creams would you recommend?


Hello and Happy New Year to you too!

As far as using eye creams for the nasal labial folds, I think the logic behind it is a good idea since many eye creams are known to plump up the skin..........provided that your problem in that area is mostly due to fine lines.

I believe some people call that the "parentheses" ( ) around your mouth.

But, if your problem in that area is loose/hanging skin that sort of folds over a bit, a cream won't really do much to lift the skin too much.

Sometimes injectables like Restylane, can fill in and lift those deep folds. Also, face exercises can help too. While facial exercises take longer to see results, it is a cheaper and permanent solution -- provided you keep exercising.

As far as a favorite eye cream....I actually like two different ones. .............Eye Revolution Gel because this one does several things to make your eyes look younger and better.

1. It helps reduce dark circles
2. Helps reduce puffy/swollen eyes by decongesting that area
3. And, it plumps up the skin reducing those crinkly, dry lines all around the eye area.

And, there are some pretty impressive studies to support it. Click here Eyeliss Review Studies to read more.....

My other favorite is the Neova Eye Cream. This cream contains a special complex called GHK-Cu copper peptides.

Plastic surgeons usually recommend a copper peptide cream to their post-surgical patients to help encourage skin healing and increase collagen production after cosmetic surgery like laser or chemical peels. There is no doubt that copper peptides are best for healing the skin.

I love this very soothing creamy eye balm, but it won't due much for puffy eyes and dark circles.

In terms of increasing skin firmness and elasticity, both would work well for fine lines around the nasal labial folds. But I would also consider doing facial exercises for best results.

I hope this helped and I didn't make this explanation too confusing. Unfortunately, the solutions to skin aging are not always simple as there are so many different types of products out there for many different types of skin problems.


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Can Creams plump up skin?

by Denise

Is it really possible for creams to plump skin up? I see that advertised by some cosmetic companies, but often wonder if there is any science behind it?

Hi Denise,

There are lots of new studies supporting the plumping effects of a new peptide called Matrixyl Palmiotyl Pentapeptide-3.

Clinical studies showed that it increased hyaluronic acid production (that's what plumps up the skin naturally and what we have lots of when we're young) by 267%. This peptide also was shown to increase overall collagen synthesis by 117%, and collagen IV synthesis by up to 327%.

You can see the studies (before & after pictures too) here: Matrixyl Research.

Most people report significant improvements in two weeks. But depending on which product you use, you can see some results in about 15-30 minutes.

I have the Instant Effect Lifting Serum. I bought it because I was curious on how well it worked. I have to say -- it does work. It does give an instant lift in about 30 minutes.

Try it on one side of your face (especially the upper eye lid) and see how different both sides look after 30 minutes.

If you still want more proof, then keep using it only on one side of the face. You'll see a big difference in about 25 days or so.

I hope this information has helped.

Linda, Admin Wrinkle Free Skin Tips

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