Which LED Skin Rejuvenation Home Device Works?

by CR

Hello Linda,

Do you know if any of the LED ultrasound photo skin rejuvenation devices you can buy for home use really work?

I see some that cost $26, others cost $230. Does the adage," You get what you pay for" apply here as well?

And, which device would you recommend?

Thanks for your time.

Best regards....
Editor's Note:


Thanks for your question regarding LED Skin Treatments.

I can't imagine any type of LED skin treatment device, that can be purchased over-the-counter for home use, is going to be intense enough to give you dramatic skin rejuvenation/lifting results.

But, that's not to say that at home LED devices can't be used for anti-aging preventive purposes.

Some say it helps impart a healthy glow and improve skin tone over time. Certain LED lights might even help mild acne problems.

The Baby Quasar MD Plus Light therapy Device has been around the longest and from what I understand is most popular. It offers the red light therapy - which for improved skin tone.

The blue light therapy is mostly used for acne issues. Yes, with LED devices, I think you do get what you pay for.

In terms of skin tightening, a more appropriate option would laser treatments. From what I understand SKinTyte is a fairly new and impressive treatment option.

It's a deep heating laser that helps firm up soft tissue which makes the skin look firmer and tighter also.

It uses infrared laser light to heat soft tissue which stimulates collagen production because it triggers the body's natural healing process.

The process is supposed to be painless and there is no down time.

Hope that helps.....

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