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Skin Dr. is better!
by: Thomas


I saw your conversation about Itch Dr, but I wanted to tell you that I think the Skin Dr is better for long term relief.

My skin is really sensitive and I'm always suffering from rashes and skin problems. I started taking Skin Dr. at the beginning of this summer and I haven't had any breakouts, itchy rashes, sweat rashes, or problems from bug bite.

I suggest you try it. And it's really easy, because it's just one tiny pill that you swallow daily. And the pill is very small and easy to swallow.

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for your feedback. I have used Itch Dr. and keep it around because it really helps with any kind of bug bite or insect rash I get.

I'll try the Skin Dr.

types of skin rash on my hands...
by: Kate


I used to get allergic rashes on my hands after cleaning my house and I always used gloves. Well, guess what? I was allergic to the rubber gloves!!

My doctor told me about special gloves for my type of allergy and I no longer have cracked, dry itchy hands and fingers.

Who would of thought that the gloves were the problem?

Wow, that's a new one Kate! Thanks for sharing that. I never thought that people can also get rashes from rubber cleaning gloves.

Linda, Admin Wrinkle Free Skin Care Tips

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