All natural massage oil for the face?

by Debbie


I'm trying to incorporate face massaging into my daily routine. But, since my skin is so dry, I was told to start out with a good oil.

I've seen Bio Oil products at Ulta and other stores and they have different oils for different needs.

What advice can you give me on selecting and use face oils? I've never tried them before but have been hearing about using face oils for everything from moisturizing to cleansing.


Editor's Note:

Hi Debbie,

Thanks for your question regarding natural massage oils for the face.

Your face oils don't have to be expensive, but for best results, choose oils that are clean and free from additives and silicons.

Also, it's good to know how the oils are extracted and if they're refined. This makes a difference in how well they help support healthy skin.

I've never tried Bio-Oil, but I know they've been around for a while. I not too crazy about the fact that these face treatment oils contain mineral oil, soybean oil, and preservatives and fragrances.

The face oils I use contain just plant extracted oils - nothing else.

The biggest mistake most women make when first using a face oil, is applying too much. You're not making a salad! Facial oils are light but can penetrate and hydrate well.

Start with a few drops (3-5) and massage well onto your face. Make sure you press deeply and massage the face and underlying muscles, not just the rub and tug at the top of the skin surface.

Then leave the oil on your face for a few minutes while you do something else, like get your morning coffee or have breakfast. By then the oil has had time to soak in and moisturize your skin.

Now you're ready for your normal makeup routine, creams, sunscreen, foundation, etc....If you find you need to wipe away some oil, then you've probably used too much!

At night do the same thing, but just leave the oil on and go to bed.

After a few days you'll have an idea of how much oil your skin needs. You might find that you can apply more oil at night and less in the morning.

That's how I do it. After a good overnight saturation, my skin looks and feels wonderfully soft and hydrated in the morning so I only need a few drops and I'm ready to apply my makeup and go.

I hope this helps:-)

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