What Types of Facials Are Best?

Ok, so what types of facials are best for your skin?

Well, it all depends on your skin condition and needs.

Yes, there are many different types facials - but I'm always looking for the easiest, cheapest and of course - the most effective.

My Favorite Facials?

I'm lazy so I found a facial that cleans, tones AND help firms up underlying sagging muscles.

I use a special face massaging technique while applying my nightly face oil cleanser.

It's so easy (and cheap) and natural.

The face oil does not contain any added ingredients like parabens, chemicals, perfumes, dyes, preservatives or fragrance.

Just natural antioxidants found in plants. 

Every night I massage a few drops of this face oil cleanser - which helps emulsify grease and dirt - using the palms of my hands (while pressing firmly) making wide circles up and down my face and neck.

Then, I take a warm wet washcloth and wipe away the dirt and makeup.

My Results?

My skin is glowing, soft, hydrated, clean, plump - and I know it's clean!

A face oil massage treatment does a number of things for my face:

  • it cleans
  • stimulates blood flow
  • firms facial muscles
  • increased blood circulation 
  • encourages lymphatic drainage which helps with puffy face or eyes
  • increases skin moisture by distributing sebum
  • exfoliates exposing healthier skin

Homemade Facials 

You really don’t have to spend a lot of money for a professional facial – you can accomplish the same skin rejuvenating effects at home using simple ingredients from your kitchen.

A good homemade facial recipe to try is the pineapple and olive oil. Here is the simple recipe:

  • Mix equal amounts of both (be sure to mash up the pineapple well) and apply a small amount to your face and massage it in. Let it sit for 10-20 minutes.
  • Then rinse off, pat dry and apply a good moisturizer

The pineapple contains a protein digesting enzyme – so it will eat away dead skin cells and naturally exfoliate the skin. While the olive oil will moisturizer and soften the skin.

Also, another good facial is a honey and sea salt facial, cleanser, and moisturizer. Click on the link above to read more.

Finally, a few times a week you should try the Skin Eraser Facial. This is only done for 5 days on and then you take 5 days off.

Over time, you only need to perform this facial a few times a week. It consist of a two step process that helps remove old dead cells and polishes the complexion for a smoother look.

Also, it helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, blotches, red marks, brown spots, and scars. Just be sure to use a good sunscreen while your are using this to keep your complexion even toned.

OTher Types of Facials

You could more money (but why would you) for more intense facials like:

Bio-lift facials – this type of facial focuses on targeting special areas of the face – like under eye treatments or dark circle treatments. It’s supposed to tone and tighten the skin too.

Paraffin facials – a paraffin facials involves applying a thin layer of a special wax mask over the face to seal in any rejuvenating creams that applied first. The theory is that the wax mask in combination with body heat will help increase penetration of the rejuvenating cream.

Aromatherapy facials – this facial involves massaging essential oils - that have healing properties – into the skin to rejuvenate, decongest, and eliminate toxins from the skin.

Bottom Line on Facials

What types of facials you decide to try is up to you.

But, if you're short on time and money - give the cleansing oil massage facial a try.

You can find more info on how to perform this simple face massage here....along with other face exercise tips and techniques.

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