Face Massage for Firmer Skin

The secret to getting the most from your facial exercise program is a face massage. 

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A quick 2 minute face massage is relaxing, but the best part is the face firming benefits you gain - especially around the hollows of the cheeks and lower half of the face.

You can do this massage any time you wish, however, it is highly recommended to do this quick massage right after facial exercises.

For an Extra Bonus -

If you suffer from blotches, skin spots, brown spots, rough flaky patches or just dull skin consider adding a renew intensive skin therapy facial a few times a month.

This is a great combination for a beautiful, smooth complexion. And, it's much cheaper than professional facials.

It's becoming clear that the dermis - just like muscles - can atrophy and the old saying "use it or lose it" is true about our skin too.

Massages and exercises
can help keep skin flexible

Many people are afraid to touch, handle, or massage their face for fear of causing more wrinkles or damage.

However, facial tissues actually improve with "gentle" massaging and exercising. 

The proper technique can result in a firmer, more elastic skin that will also look smoother too because it can help fill out wrinkles and lines.

Final Massage Tips

Make sure your face and hands are clean. If you skin is very dry, you can add a little massaging oil or your favorite anti-aging cream. I like to use organic vitamin C serum.

This helps to work the vitamin rich serum deep into the pores and help create tighter and brighter skin.

Vitamin C helps to inhibit excess melanin production so you can reduce brown spots, blotches, and dark patches - enhancing your tone and complexion.

Ok, Get Ready to
Start Your Massage

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Got Chubby Cheeks?

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