Bad Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Bad celebrity plastic surgery is on the rise and we see these results everyday.

With the constant demand in the entertainment industry to look young and attractive many celebrities seek a quick fix rather than inspiring healthy lifestyles.

A high percentage of bad celebrity plastic surgery occurs in Hollywood and throughout the United States.

Bad Celebrity

Some television programs even glamorize extreme cosmetic procedures as a new way to be different.

Unfortunately they rarely discuss the dangers of plastic surgery or show you results of bad celebrity makeovers.

plastic surgery michael jackson

The results of these celebrity transformations are not always what's anticipate -- including plastic surgery mistakes and poor choices that are hard to miss even by an untrained observer.

As we have all seen in Michael Jackson pics. How bad were his results?

Every once in a while you'll see a celebrity that begins to look strange after a while, having either made bad plastic surgery choices, having received way too many bad surgeries, or by having procedures that went wrong.

Bad Celebrity Plastic Surgery Results

Just because a celebrity has money doesn’t mean that they won't get bad results or all the potential problems of plastic surgery mistakes disappear…….........

There are a lot of bad celebrity plastic surgery out there ranging from poor decisions, to bad results, to serious complications. For example:

  • Oversized breast implants – Most notable celebrity - Pam Anderson - is known for this bad choice. Also, Lil Kim, and Tori Spelling had breast implants that seemed too large for their small body frame.

  • Scarring - Janet Jackson’s breast implant scars are frightfully obvious in a V neck dress. One hopes that she is not following in her brother’s footsteps as Michael is barely recognizable as human any more.

  • Too Much Liposuction - Did Tara Reid’s stomach is wrinkled. Could that be from too much fat being sucked out leaving her stomach rippled and sagging?

  • Oversized Lip Enhancement - Jessica Simpson found out the hard way that lip augmentation isn’t all it’s made out to be. She actually disliked the results greatly. Thankfully for her, several months later the affects disappeared. Lisa Rinna isn’t so lucky – she seems to like the nearly carnival-look lips.

And these are just a few examples of bad plastic surgery results. The list of celebrity plastic surgery nightmares goes on and on.

If you’re thinking of getting plastic surgery it’s advisable to consider these stories, and those of other people who have experienced plastic surgery mistakes, or simply regretted their decision.

Please take the time to find a reputable surgeon who dutifully informs you of how your planned procedure will proceed, the risks, costs and rewards.

Remember that the cost to undo “bad” cosmetic surgery is often more than the initial procedure.

Plastic Surgery Mistakes – Could They Be Avoided?

YES! And I have proof!

See my before and after neck pictures if you think plastic surgery is the only way to reverse facial aging.

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