Best cream to use with Dermawand

by Alex


I bought the Dermawand Pro and it came with an aloe vera gel. They say you need a gel or cream to keep the skin moist while you run the Dermawand across your face and neck.

I ran out of the gel and I'm not that crazy about using aloe vera, I think there are much better creams I can use instead.

What creams do you think would be best to use with the Dermawand?



Hi Alex,

Thanks for your question regarding what cream to use with the Deramwand. That's a great question!

For one, they don't provide you with any creams, just Aloe Vera gel and second, this is a great time to use a high powered, nutrient rich, anti-aging cream.

One of the main benefits of the Dermawand is the ablilty to help "push" products deeper into the skin for better results from your anti-aging cream.

I would use a rich cream like Copper Peptides which are known to help increase moisture, firmness and accelarate wound healing.

You could also use a rich hydrating Vitamin C serum too. Both would be wonderful creams to use with the Deramwand.

Good luck and let me know how you like the Dermawand, I'm interested in trying it too.

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