best wrinkle free skin care for 2012

by Alice

What is the best wrinkle free skin care for 2012? With all the products out there what seems to work the best?

I'd like to find the best of the best without trying hundreds of different products or spending thousands of dollars.

Hi Alice,

Thanks for that great question regarding the best anti-wrinkle products on the market. Well, I did some research on this topic and consulted a few great books on the subject of younger skin and it seems that most dermatologists and skin care professionals agree………..

While there are creams and serums to help improve the look and condition of your skin - there is no over-the-counter cure for totally eliminating deep wrinkles.

But there is a way to reduce fine lines, get smoother skin, better color and tone, and help increase collagen production through exfoliation using alpha hydroxy, glycolic, and lactic acids.

And the best news is most people can start to see results in just a few days.

AHA and BHA came onto the skin care scene around the 1980s and have been a favorite since then. They are derived mostly from fruit acid and work by initiating a wound healing response in the lower dermis – which triggers collagen product.

It's important to follow directions when doing a fruit acid facial. Most skin care professionals recommend only doing this for 6-12 weeks at a time and then stop using it for 6-12 weeks. This helps reduce sun sensitively and gives the skin a chance recover.

Also, it's best to use these facials at night to let them do their work without other products interfering.

Then, in the morning, make sure to rinse well and apply a vitamin rich, antioxidant rich moisturizer to feed and heal the skin.

Many women found this Skin Eraser AHA Facial to be very effective.

Hope this helps.

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Jan 06, 2012
Which one is better for intensive skin therapy?
by: Joanne


I have been using the 3 step system for years and I love it. It already comes with a vitamin enriched moisturizer, which you mention we should use if we do the intense facial.

Why don't you recommend the 3 step system, instead of the skin eraser facial? Do you think the skin erase system is better?

Hello Joanne,

The 3 Step System is great daily skin maintenance program and you are living proof!

However, the Skin Eraser is a different system. It's like getting an intense facial, which is only something you do a few times a year. Think of the Skin Eraser as a yearly "tune-up" for your face.

It only needs to be done once or twice a year - and the winter/spring/fall time is best because you really need to keep your face out of the sun during the treatment for best results.

And, no matter how strong your sunscreen is or how big your hat is - I think we all still manage to get some UVA/UVB rays when we're out and about during the hot summer months.....especially on vacation when you tend to be outdoors for longer periods of time.

The 3 Step System is a great maintenance/daily regime to follow to help clean, tone, nourish, and moisturize. And because it contains actives like glycolic acid and vitamin C, it still helps to treat fine lines and breakouts - all while also improving your skin tone and color.

If you haven't tried the Skin Eraser you can read more about it here: Intensive Renew Skin Therapy understand exactly how it works.

For those who want to know more about the 3 step here: 3 Step System.

Hope this helps.

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