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Jun 19, 2019
Biosil directly onto scalp
by: Anonymous

Can Biosil be applied directly to the scalp to help with hair growth/thickening?


Hi, thanks for your question regarding using Biosil as a topical hair growth/enhancer.

The form of Biosil that I'm familiar with and is current sold by Natrol is not designed for topical use. It comes in liquid drops and capsule form and is meant to be ingested - like a supplement.

Natrol's Biosil contains a special bio-available form of silicon called choline stabilized orthosilicic acid.

Once ingested, the theory is your body uses the orthosilicic acid as building blocks to help produce collagen within the body.

If you decide to use it topically, I would suggest checking with professional trained in the study of hair loss first.

You can read more about how Biosil works and see the studies Here at this page.

I hope this heled.

Sep 13, 2018
Biosil Works!
by: Anonymous

My cosmetologist and I were seeing increased hair loss during shampooing. After 2 weeks of using Biosil, the hair loss stopped!

I had used biosil 10 years ago to strengthen my nails. I remembered it and began using it for my hair.

I recommend it highly.


YES, I agree. BioSil works great for me too. Been using it for almost 15 yrs.

Mar 05, 2018
Hair and skin
by: Anonymous

I just love this product.

My hair on top were getting really thin, and now after 2 months I don't see my scalp anymore, and my skin has a real glow.

I even noticed my eye lashes and eye brows getting stronger and longer.

I am almost 60, don't have many wrinkles at all, but after using this product for 2 months, I am not kidding if I say my face looks not older than 40. I also have diabetes 2, and take insulin, but is well controlled, and I have not seen any side effect one this.

Of course I watch my diet and drink lots of water as well.

I used to have legs pain a lot, and this has improved as well. I just love this stuff.

Editor's Note:

Thanks for sharing. Yes, I've been using Biosil for almost 20 years now. And since I started I noticed that my hair and nails grow very quickly.

It may cost me more for hair cuts and manicures - but that's ok because I know if I ever get a bad hair cut, I won't have to wait too long for it to grow out. :-)

Jul 08, 2017
Using Orange Slices
by: Maxie

I started taking the liquid Biosil liquid March 2017, just as I was turning 86 years old. The taste to me was like dead fish smells... Awful, I put in Iced Tea and it was not bad.... But, I couldn't see exactly how many drops fell into the tea,

NOW, I use a slice of fresh orange. I slice it down through the hump and can readily see the drops hit the orange, close it back together ( carefully so as to not loose any Biosil into the sink) Put it upward in my mouth to avoid the hungry little taste buds on my tongue.

No more bad taste... (I peel two or three oranges at a time and store them in a tightly sealed container in the refrigerator..... After four (4) months, I can see a difference in my nails and skin, But, so far I'm not noticing anything helpful with my hair, It might be growing a little faster, But. In my case I'm Hoping for thicker, thicker, thicker and stronger hair.

Hi Maxie,

Wow, thanks for sharing tip. Yes, I also disliked the taste of liquid Biosil. I still just add it to water and swig it down quickly. But I like your idea - especially since it sounds so healthy.

Re: thicker hair - I haven't noticed my hair getting thicker, but it sure does grow faster. Same with my nails.

Best regards,

Sep 03, 2015
Biosil - A Great product
by: Anonymous

I started using Biosil capsules 2 months ago, because I had started losing a lot of my thick, but fine hair. Almost handfuls! Within 3 weeks, the excessive hair loss stopped!

Now I just lose a few hairs a day which is normal and it is definitely growing faster. I'm really anxious for it to help my nails, but so far have not noticed any improvement there.

My joints have always been good, so no difference there. I think my skin is better too, it seems to regenerate much faster if it gets scraped or injured.
I highly recommend this product. I just wish it wasn't so darn expensive.

Jan 02, 2012
Loved result but can't take it.
by: Anonymous

After about three weeks of taking, my knees began to
ache quite a bit. Stopped taking it and knees stopped aching. Waited a while and tried again only to have the knee aching return. Stopped altogether. Would love to take it because it really
helped my skin and nails, but afraid to do so.


That is a very unusual side effect because one of the benefits of Biosil is it's support in healthy joints.

Bioil helps increase an amino acid called hydroxyproline which the body uses to make healthy skin and bones.

However, it's also best to listen to your body and discontinue using anything that does not agree with you. You may also wish to speak to your doctor if your knee pain continues.

Jun 16, 2011
by: Anonymous

I noticed that two days after I started to take BioSil my blood sugar started to rise. I have been taking it since May 4, and my blood sugar has continued to go up. Could this product be a contributor to this problem?


I have not found any information or studies indicating that Biosil has an effect on blood sugar. And, there is nothing listed - in terms of side-effects like these - listed on the BioSil product information page.

The makers of Biosil indicate that the main ingredient in this product is a biologically active form of silicon - which is essential for collagen production.

But, I highly suggest you speak to your doctor. And if you suspect that it's this or any other supplement or food you're taking or eating - stop using it until you speak to your doctor.

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