Biosil & Hyaluronic acid suppliments?

by Sienna


This site is a lil treasure.

I'm about to order & start taking Biosil but I'm thinking I should take hyaluronic acid supplements also.

Does one help collagen & the other something else?

Thanks for you time & advise :)

Hello Sienna,

Thanks for the complement - so glad you find this site helpful :-)

In reference to your questions regarding the benefits of Biosil and hyaluronic acid supplements...................

There is not much research supporting the benefits of hyaluronic acid supplements for healthy skin.

However, topical hyaluronic acid (in serum or cream form) can significantly help increase hydration and moisture levels.

Click here Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid for more information.

In reference to Biosil supplements, there are several studies indicating that Biosil supplements can increase hydroxyproline levels - which is a very important amino acid necessary for healthy collagen production.

So basically, Biosil gives your body the tools to make it's own collagen. Biosil also has been shown to support healthy hair, nails, joints, connective tissues, and arteries too.

You can read more about Biosil and the studies here Biosil Benefits.

If you do decide to use Biosil, make sure you get the original one, not horsetail extract which claims to be the same thing and offer the same benefits.

Biosil (by Natrol) contains pure biologically available choline stabilized orthosilic acid. This is what was used in all of the studies.

Hope this helps.

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