Biosil Vitamins or Silica

by Maha

I read your article on Biosil and horsetail, but also got confused. I have thin hair and I would like to buy Hubner silica gel. So should I use both Biosil and Hubner silica gel? which is more effective and is Hubner a good brand.


Hello Maha,

I've never used Hubner Silica Gel, in fact until you sent this question to me, I never heard of it.

The main reason I use and suggested Biosil is because it is the exact product used in several published studies indicating that this form of orthosilic acid had positive effects on the elasticity of the hair, dermis, connective tissues, joints, arteries, and cartilage.

So it does more than just support healthy hair, it's beneficial for the whole body.

The specific studies were done using a stabilized form of Orthosilicic Acid…..which is what Biosil contains, not silica.

They indicate that this form helps increase an amino acid called hydroxyproline, which the body needs in order to produce collagen and elastin.

They also indicate that this form is more easily absorbed, which is probably why it offers greater benefits.

The product you are asking about is not Orthosilicic Acid, it's silica, which according to the National Institute of Health Alternative Medicine, can cause a vitamin B1 deficiency if taken in large doses. See Biosil Side Effects.

Now on the Hubner Silica gel website they mention a study done at the University Hospital Complex Hamburg-Eppendorf, that found people who took their product saw a significant increase in hair thickness after 3 months.

What To Do? I wouldn't take both products, but you may wish to try one for 3-6 months and then the other and see which works best for you. And, don't take more that what is listed on the label.

While it might take some time to notice positive results for hair and skin, look for small indications that it might working.

For example, with Biosil, the first thing many people notice is that their hair and/or nails grew faster. Some noticed this within in a few weeks of taking it.

So this might be some indication that the product is working.

I don't know if the Hubner Silica will provide the same results, but keep an eye out for those changes which can happen pretty quickly if the product is right.

Hope this helps,

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