Britney Spears Without Makeup

Britney Spears Wrinkles

Seeing Britney Spears without makeup was a shock to me.... especially seeing how much acne she has.

She’s so pretty -- yet sometimes her skin doesn't look so good. 

This really surprised me because when I see Britney in appearances like concerts or on the red carpet she looks so good and her skin looked flawless.  

I guess her makeup artists know lots of top beauty secrets to transform her from boring to beautiful. 

That’s probably why you hardly ever see pictures of Britney Spears without makeup – it’s like two totally different people.

Unlike other celebrities like Christina Aguilar who looks like flawless without any makeup at all! 

Perhaps Britney should try some type of skin renewal therapy facial to smooth out her complexion and reduce the red/blotchy bumps from previous breakouts.

We are a nation obsessed with beauty, attractiveness, and celebrities. Anything to do with celebrities from bad celebrity plastic surgery to celebrity makeup secrets.

That’s why any internet search will bring back hundreds of pictures of celebrities like Beyonce or Angelina Jolie without makeup. We want to see what they REALLY look like without their best makeup artists and stylists.

As a pop idol sensation, Britney Spears is known and loved all over the world for her music and for her cute looks.

However, unlike other celebrities like Beyonce, Britney does not have great skin or strong features to pull off looking good without makeup.

If you noticed, in most of her best pictures, she uses a very smokey eye makeup application to draw attention to her small eyes and camouflage makeup or maybe acne makeup to hide her acne scars.

In addition it looks like she has oily skin and red spots on the skin due to acne. So it’s important that she uses the best makeup for oily skin. designer cosmetics like Bobbie Brown makeup cosmetics would be an excellent choice.

Britney Spears Skin

Britney Spears Without Makeup – Can She Look Better?

While there are plenty model beauty secrets around, the most important one revolves around getting great skin.

When you suffer from acne or have suffered from acne in the past, there are 2 basic skin care steps to help heal the skin and even out the skin tone. That includes:

  • Exfoliate - to remove dead skin cells, keep pores tight, and to lighten and thin scars and imperfections
  • Brighten the complexion – this helps to smooth out skin tone and get rid of acne scars, skin spots or age spots.

Skin Erasing and Exfoliating is very popular among celebrities with acne scars because they realize the importance of a smooth skin tone for looking great even without makeup.

After all why do we wear the best makeup foundation in the first place? To smooth out our skin.

Did you ever notice how good someone looks as soon as a camouflage makeup foundation is applied to the skin?

In Britney's case she has lots of red spots on the skin left over from acne days – fading these skin spots and thinning the scars would improve her skin tone and her look -- even without makeup.

ZenMed Scar Treatment is the best in the industry and have been around for years and their Scar Hyperpigmentation Treatment product is number one in the Unite States and the UK.

Plus, they offer a 60 day -- no hassle -- 100% money back guarantee.

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