Beyonce Without Makeup

Is that really Beyonce without makeup pictured below? Well, it's hard to tell just from one photo, as we all know photos can be retouched and airbrushed.

Wow, look how beautiful her complexion is. No pimples, age spots - or those dread bags under the eyes!!

So the question is......... does she really look this good naturally or is Beyonce's makeup artist a real pro? Better yet....did Beyonce have cosmetic surgery as some recent articles suggest?

I think Beyonce and Angelina Jolie look great without makeup. Unlike Britney Spears, or Try Banks - that is......

So What Are Her
Top Beauty Secrets?

Several tabloid articles suggest that Beyonce may have had a little nip and tuck - including rhinoplasty (nose job) and breast implants.

While Beyonce does not reveal all, she does share some basic tips during a recent interview with

And surprising, they’re not much different than what most of us do. When asked what - if any - anti-fatigue beauty trick she has, this Grammy winner keeps it simple.

She says she relies on a a pair of dark sunglasses and a little bit of highlighter dabbed in the corners of her eyes.

However, either way, with or without makeup or plastic surgery - she is a beautiful woman...........

While she doesn't need to hide wrinkles, yet......a good face primer can reduce the appearance of lines and large pores with or without makeup.

There are plenty of other simple tricks that Hollywood celebrities have been using to look better that we didn't know about.............

The latest tip is the secret eye serum to help reduce swollen baggy eyes. This serum is a favorite of Lauren Sanchez from the syndicated T.V. show Extra. Watch this video to see how quickly it works for non-celebrities too!

Applying eye makeup to a tired face can sometimes exaggerate puffy eye and dehydrated skin. In fact, the worst thing you can do is apply too much makeup.

How About on the Red Carpet?

What makeup secrets does Beyonce have to get "red carpet" ready?

Well, she admits to using uses false eye lashes, waterproof makeup, makeup primer, and lots of face powder to keep it all from melting away during her super high energy stage performances which can often last for hours!

And of course, we all know how important a good, no streak foundation is! Finding the right foundation for your skin type is probably the hardest part of getting "that perfect look." 

Beyonce without makeup is just as stunning as she is when she’s red carpet ready. In fact, whether she's wearing her favorite Mark makeup or no makeup - her skin is flawless either way.

But was it always like that?

It was rumored that some celebrities - like Beyonce and Britney Spear might have had problems with acne years ago. But they look great now.........

That may be good news for the rest of us who are looking for solutions to problems like breakouts.

Do these celebrities just have really good makeup artists or have they found some secret herbal remedies for acne?

Beyonce Without Makeup -
Other Beauty Secrets?

Beyonce admits that her best beauty secret for keep her skin looking flawless from head to toe, is massaging a fake tanner cream bronzer all over her body……especially before public appearances.

Not surprisingly this is the same fake tanner that is also used by other celebrities like Madonna, Kelly Ripa,Britney Spears, and Jennifer Lopez.

Let's face it, Beyonce without makeup or with makeup is a natural beauty either way! But she does take care of her skin.

It is rumored that she use to have problems with oily skin and breakouts when she was younger and learned some simple oily skin tips to clear and tighten pores and prevent breakouts.

You'd be surprised how many actress and models suffer from acne - which is tough to deal with because they're always in the public eye.

But treating your skin gently is the key to preventing skin damage and wrinkling.

See what Lacy - Actress/Model uses to keep her skin clear, especially before public appearances.

Would you like a Free analysis of your skin? Click here........ Just answer a few basic questions about your skin and your results will be emailed to you within 24-48 hours. This service is free.

Actress and models alike agree - regardless of your skin type - oily, dry, acne prone, flaky or dull - keeping your skin routine simple is important..........

The three basic steps are:

  • Exfoliate to remove dead skin cells and loosen trapped dirt in the pores.
  • Clean, effectively, but gently to wash away excess oil and get that "gunk" out of the pores.
  • Hydrate and plump up the skin so it looks firm and dewy. Your skin will look smoother too because your pores aren't enlarged and clogged.

So, if even we can't all look as good as Beyonce without makeup, we can improve our skin tone so we won't need as much makeup. There is nothing more aging on a woman than wearing too much makeup.

Clear up your skin, clean up your pores, and get nice bronze going (fake of course - don't expose your face to UVA and UVB rays).

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