Celeb Plastic Surgery

Botched Plastic Surgery to Remain Wrinkle Free?

Celeb plastic surgery disasters are always a hot topic - and it seems the public can never get enough. Especially since these celebrities seem to be getting some type of cosmetic surgery younger and younger. 

You'd be surprised at how many surgeries an average celeb has had by time they reach their early 40s. 

Just look at older pictures of your favorite celebrities and you'll see how much they've changed.

bad surgeryresults Lindsay Lohan

And speaking of change....What did Lindsy Lohan have done recently (for Kim Kardashian's wedding) that left her looking like an aging starlet instead of a 20 something year old girl?

This couldn't be the case of a bad facelift, she's much too young for that, isn't she? Well, I sort of feel bad for young celebrities these days.

There is a lot of pressure on celebrities to remain young looking and tweak their appearances to suit the fans – which is why celeb plastic surgery is common.
Photo courtesy of Celebuzz

Whether it's new breast implants, breast lift, liposuction, or just a little tweak or a new curve to the nose, there are very few celebrities who can claim “unaltered” appearance. Even those in their mid 20s.

Which is sort of scary and sad too.

Most have turned to plastic surgery to meet the demands of their life of fame and the exorbitant prices for plastic surgery wont’ stop them.

Celeb Plastic Surgery and Rhinoplasty

Celebrity rhinoplasty, also called a “nose job” – this is among the most popular plastic surgeries for celebrities and their fans alike.

Angelina Jolie and Britney Spears are two that have had this done (see celeb plastic surgery pictures on this article). So what is the cost of this plastic surgery procedure?

At minimum $3,000 but an average of $5,000 - $8,000 is more common. For that amount you can expect to have a swollen nose for a month, and you may find that you don’t even like the results.

Note that re-doing any type of plastic surgery gets more and more complicated and expensive.

Plastic Surgery Disasters

Sadly having money doesn’t seem to alleviate the possibility of bad plastic surgery results.

Michael Jackson’s bad rhinoplasty  stands out as a glaring example of what can happen when someone has too many surgeries, or becomes addicted to plastic surgery alterations.

After a while the skin simply cannot heal properly. Other examples include Cher’s lip augmentation. It simply looked out of place and rather frumpy on her.

If you look at “before” and “after” celeb photos it’s obvious that Janice Dickenson, Joan Rivers, and even Kenny Rogers have all had a moment to regret the idea and suffer from plastic surgery mistakes.

Why Risk it?

Besides the pressures of Hollywood, one wonders why people risk plastic surgery. It’s true, many of us dislike this or that about our bodies, but very few of us have the money it takes to have various procedures.

However, those who can afford it often do so for the emotional satisfaction and improved self confidence, not simply the physical transformation.

Good plastic surgery can be astounding in its external effects. The goal is to have things look natural, healthy, and to improve on what Mother Nature provided.

For someone struggling with body images, this can a great gift that helps them become more social and outgoing.

Dangers of Plastic Surgery

Besides the “botched” plastic surgery jobs and extreme plastic surgery choices made by some celebrities, there’s also some very real dangers involved in this process.

These include:

  • Bleeding: Some bleeding is normal for plastic surgery, but when the blood clots under the skin, this can cause a lot of pain. When that continues to grow, it may cause swelling, numbness and even possibly the death of healthy skin cells. This condition also increases the risk of infection.
  • Scars: When plastic surgery doesn’t heal properly, scarring follows. Additionally some surgeries are going to create scars because of the location. A good plastic surgeon will do everything possible to hide those scars, but some may be noticeable up close (and personal).
  • Skin Death (Necrosis): People who have skin and fat removed, along with those who smoke, are more prone to this risk.
  • Nerve Damage: Depending on the area in which a surgeon works, nerves can be weakened or damaged by cuts.
  • Anesthesia allergy: Some people are allergic or very sensitive or anesthesia

With all this in mind, don’t wind up looking like another celeb plastic surgery victim.

It’s vital for anyone (celebrity or not) to seek out a skilled plastic surgery doctor with a good reputation for any type of work.

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