Clinique Happy Perfume

If you love citrus smells, you’ll love Clinique Happy Perfume. All Clinique perfume lasts a long time, but Clinique happy seems to stay with me forever.

My other favorite Clinique perfume – the Aromatic Elixir is also fresh and citrus, bit more heavier than happy.

The Happy Heart perfume spray is a combination of hyacinth, mandarin, and a little bit of woody smell.

But, it's not too floral and………sort of a perfect combination. It’s great for daytime, but it can also take you into the evening.

Clinique has some new scents like Clinique Black. It's awesome but more on the strong side.......perfect for the cooler months in my opinion :-)

There is also Clinique White which is very different than most of Clinique's fragrances and is much lighter. 

Has Aromatic Elixir Changed?

For those of you feel that the Aromatic Elixir perfume does not smell as wonderful as it used to...…..You're not alone.

At first I thought my perfume went bad since I had it for such a long time. The color even looked much different, it was darker and smelled heavier and almost bitter.

So I threw it out and went shopping for a new bottle and to my disappointment, the new bottles at the department stores looked and smelled the same - dark and bitter!

I spoke to several Clinique reps who agreed with me, but they said the company denies changing the formula. 

Found a New Elixir!

I found a newer Clinique perfume called Aromatics Elixir Premier! It smells as wonderful as the old Aromatic Elixir did some 20 years ago. Like you just stepped out a shower and with hint of light citrus.

It's simply Delicious!

Personally, I think the great they did change the formula long enough to us true die hard Elixir fans upset and then brought out this new/old fragrance at a much higher price tag!

But I still think it's worth it :-)

Clinique Perfume - Discounted Prices

So if your looking for all of Clinique's perfumes you can check them out here......

Don't forget to check-out the  6 pack mini set of the Happy fragrance mix and match testers.

These scents include:

  • Happy Peace and Jasmine, 0.05 oz.
  • Happy Peony Picnic, 0.05 oz.
  • Happy Cocoa and Cashmere, 0.05 oz.
  • Happy Blue Sky Neroli, 0.05 oz.;
  • Happy Happy Splash, 0.05 oz. 

And if you're an Amazon Prime member you'll often find free shipping and returns too!

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