Clinique Happy Perfume

If you love citrus smells, you’ll love Clinique Happy Perfume. All Clinique perfume lasts a long time, but Clinique happy seems to stay with me forever.

My other favorite Clinique perfume – the Aromatic Elixer is also fresh and citrus, bit more heavier than happy.

The Happy Heart perfume spray is a combination of hyacinth, mandarin, and a little bit of woody smell.

But, it's not too floral and………sort of a perfect combination. It’s great for daytime, but it can also take you into the evening.

Clinique has some new scents like Clinique Black. It's awesome but more on the strong side.......perfect for the cooler months in my opinion :-)

I found a website called StrawberryNet that offers hundreds of designer products like perfumes, makeup, and skin care. 

Every designer from Aramis to Yves Saint Laurent is available at discounted prices and FREE shipping World Wide.

They even carry skin care products and cologne for men too.

I have placed several orders with this site and am very happy with their service and secure checkout.

Clinique Perfume - Discounted Prices

If you’re looking for discounted Clinique Happy Heart Perfume here.

Note: You may find a few places on the internet that sell a product or two cheaper, but when you factor in the shipping cost - especially if you live outside of the United States - it's not a bargain at all.

I love free shipping and I'm sure you will too.

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