Crepey Skin Around Eyes - Can't Wear Makeup! Any Advice?

by Sara


I have a lot of loose crepey skin on my upper eyelids and lower lids under my eyes.

If I wear any type of dark eyeliner or mascara it seems to accentuate those lines.

But without makeup my eyes look tiny and barely there. Plus, people are always asking me if I'm sick when I don't have any eye makeup on!!

What can do I? I tried lighter colored eyeliner makeup - like green or blue, but it looks as bad as the dark brown and black liners do.

Also, now that my eye skin is looser, any makeup I wear smudges and smears under on above my eyes.

Any advice?


Editor's Note: Hi Sarah! Thanks for your question regarding makeup on eye skin that is loose or crepey.

Yes, I hear ya! I used to wear the darkest, thickest eyeliner when I was younger and I LOVED IT!

I too noticed over the years that this type of eyeliner stopped accentuating my eyes and only accentuated my wrinkles.

I've slowly been decreasing the amount of eyeliner makeup I wear and I missed it. But I found 2 solutions that might work for you.

First, I love my instant firming eye serum.

I only use a tiny drop under each eye and it firms up the skin, helps reduce the "bloat" of any puffiness, and masks those crepey tiny lines directly under my eyes that are very visible - especially under bright lights.

The 2nd solution that I found was using a waterproof, smudge proof eye cream makeup.

It's hard to explain what this is - but it's called the Any Wear creme.

And depending on what color you use, you can use it as an eyeliner, eyeshadow, highlighter, face contour, blush, lipstick..........Anywhere on your face!

I use the Golden Caramel color and line my upper and lower lids. The apply a some mascara to upper lids only.

This Golden Caramel cream stays put, won't run or smudge and gives my eyes a nice definition without looking too dark or harsh or accentuating lines.

You can learn more about the Makeup Beauty Tips - Any Wear cream here!

I have several of them and just love it!

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