Facial Light Therapy

The benefits of facial light therapy (or laser light therapy) includes reducing fine lines, wrinkles, heal acne and even help with psoriasis.

Sounds great, but the problem is skin light therapy is pretty expensive. But now you can purchase a variety of blue and red light therapy devices on-line.

Skin Light Therapy

The use of light therapy products for wrinkles, age spots and acne scars is on the rise.

Although the technology and benefits of facial light therapy for skin disorders has been researched for over 40 years…….

The last few years there has been an explosion of portable color light therapy devices especially made for home use.

Best Home Red Light Therapy?

Recently a smaller, cheaper, and much simpler light laser beam device hit the market with much enthusiasm. It's less expensive and easier to use. Watch the video below for more information.

This light therapy for face skin has dual light beams. Blue for acne and red for wrinkles/anti-aging.

This is not to say that the light devices listed below are not as good, they're excellent, but are more expensive. One of the other popular light therapy devices is the Tanda Light Therapy Anti-Aging System (7 piece) and the The Baby Quasar........as featured on The Doctors' Show.

The Quantum WARP 10 is the light therapy device used in the photos below. This device was originally developed for pain alleviation. 

Light Therapy Devices for the skin has been known to promote the following benefits.

  • lifts and firms the skin
  • promotes smoother texture and moisture retention
  • increases circulation
  • increases collagen production
  • decreases the appearance of age spots, sun damage, redness, enlarged pores, and fine lines

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e-Bay Facial Light Therapy Devices

Facial Light Therapy Research

The benefits of LED light therapy for wrinkles has been demonstrated for over 40 years in a variety of independent research throughout the world.

And recently, researchers in Germany are excited over this potential alternative to cosmetic surgery and non-cosmetic surgeries like Botox for reducing facial wrinkles...................

In face, a recent article published in the American Chemical Society Weekly PressPac, researchers Andrei P. Sommer and Dan Zhu indicated that daily use of high-intensity visible light therapy emitted from LED’s resulted in “rejuvenated skin, reduced wrinkle levels, juvenile complexion and lasting resilience." 

And this was accomplished in just several weeks.

Two Light Therapy Products

  • Visible Red Light - Which has wavelengths of around 650 nanometers (nm) which can penetrate the top layer of skin tissue and has a positive effect on cuts, wounds, and scars.
  • Invisible Infrared Light - which has a wavelength around 950 nm is able to penetrate deeper -- making it more effective for bones, joints, and deep muscles.

Light therapy research has shown both of these light therapy products have over 20 different positive effects on the skin and body.

Facial Light Therapy and
Laser Light Therapy

Laser light therapy provides a single, focused beam wavelength light that is hot enough to cut or burn tissue. However, light therapy uses light emitting diodes (LED’s) – much the same as those used for various products like TV remote controls.

The light they emit is very gentle, causes less damage to the skin and has less risk of skin damage – but is still potent enough to stimulate the skin to heal itself.

In addition LED light therapy for the skin produces a light beam that is more spread out – instead of focused like the laser light therapy – so offer a broader band of wavelengths – making is faster, easier and safer to use at home.

How Facial Light Therapy Products Work

According to the American Chemical Society, facial light therapy can actually affect the molecular structure of the skin. The laser light wavelength penetrates deeply to simulate fibroblasts which are proteins needed to stimulate elastin and collagen….the stuff that makes your skin firm and elastic. 

It also helps increase circulation and helps with the formation of new capillaries which promotes healing – important for acne, scars and rosacea 

Thanks to our advanced technology, these devices have become smaller and portable. Many people choose to purchase their own and use it home because it costs a lot less than a series of doctor visits. 

While there are a variety of devices on the market, the Baby Quasar Red is the most popular for many reasons. 

The Baby Quasar can be used at home because is not as intense as a professional light therapy treatment - like the QuantumWARP 10. The makers of the Baby Quasar state that it offers an potent enough red infrared light therapy to help stimulates cellular repair, blood flow, circulation, and increase collagen production enough to create healthy beautiful skin -- at home for a lot less costs than professional visits. 

Clinical studies in the U.K. show that the combination of red/infrared light ( from the Baby Quasar) and blue light (Baby Blue) treatments provided the maximum benefit in treatment of inflammatory acne by reducing acne bacteria and sebum in the hair follicles. 

This home treatment is both gentle and effective. Aside from professional treatments, the Baby Quasar is one of the besthome facial light therapy products on the market today! 

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