Light Therapy Devices - Tanda and Nano Strength Baby Quasar

Professional strength light therapy devices were once only available through dermatologist or plastic surgeons. But now we can improve our complexion with portable anti-aging light devices at home.

The use of light therapy products for wrinkles, age spots and acne scars is on the rise. Although the technology and benefits of facial light therapy for skin disorders has been researched for over 40 years…….

Continue reading below for more information on the Best Way Use Home Tanda and How To Improve Complexion With Portable Devices

The last few years there has been an explosion of portable color light therapy devices especially made for home use.

And, these powerful color light therapy devices may be effective in improving the complexion of wrinkles and acne. Plus, these devices and much less expensive than the infrared light therapy units which are generally used for body aches and joint pains.

Generally, there are two types of light therapy products – the visible red that has wavelengths of around 650 nanometers (nm) which can penetrate the top layer of the skin and is used for cosmetic purposes, i.e. wrinkles, scars, age spots.

Then there is invisible infrared light therapy which has a wavelength around 950 nm is can penetrate much deeper making it helpful for muscle and joint pain.

For the purpose and topic of this site, we’ll be discussing light therapy product for cosmetic purposes. Light therapy products for facial rejuvenation come in different strengths – which are measured in nanometers.

  • Blue Light Therapy – For acne prone skin. These facial light therapy products measure about 414 nanometers and are best for treating acne prone skin. The 414 nanometer blue light is scientifically proven to kill the main bacteria that causes acne – Propionibacterium Acnes (P.acnes). Studies show that the blue light therapy can eliminate up to 86% of the P.acnes colonies after only 6 minutes of exposure!
  • Red Light Therapy – For reducing lines and wrinkles. These facial light therapy products have a measurement of about 600 nanometers. Research has shown that this light source can accelerate the skin’s natural healing process and stimulate collagen production. For before and after pictures go to Facial Light Therapy
  • What Are The Best Light Therapy Products

    A recent survey of thousands of customers from Make Me Heal -- a plastic surgery web site – found several light therapy home devices to the best.

    The most popular was the TANDA SKINCARE SYSTEM for it's effectiveness and price. This product works for acne and wrinkles - since it comes with two different heads (or lights).

    The Tanda

    offers a blue light head that measures 414 nanometers and is used for acne – helping to eliminate the P. acnes bacteria. And it also comes with a 600 nanometer red light to promote skin rejuvenation and collagen production.

    Another popular product is the Baby Quasar light therapy product. This light therapy device is more powerful than the Tanda. The quasar light therapy device has four different wavelengths ranging from 600 nanometers to 1200 nanometers.

    The Baby Quasar can be used for acne, rosacea, wrinkles, lose skin, enlarged pores, and age spots. This device uses the strength as a professional photorejuvenation model but is safe enough for home use.

    Whether it's for wrinkles or acne - light therapy are an interesting technique for rejuvenating the skin and now you can use these devices at home.

    Another popular light therapy product is the Baby Quasar

    . The baby quasar uses the same technology as the professional skin care tool used by dermatologists for treating acne and aging skin. However, this small hand held photo rejuvenation device can be used at home for much less cost than just one doctor visit.

    Best Way To Use Home Tanda

    Generally most home light therapy devices are pretty easy and simple to use.

  • The first and most important step is to make sure your skin is clean and dry.
  • Then select the power source for your particular need and type and treat small sections of your face for a few minutes at a time by focusing the light device directly on sections your skin
  • Use this treatment up to 20-30 minutes a session - a few times a week. Many people use this while watching TV or reading.

  • It's impossible to provide exact instructions on how to use the Tanda or Baby Quasar - as much depends on which model you purchased and what your treating...i.e. wrinkles or acne. So be sure to read all instruction that come with your device.

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