groin rash

by ada
(Quebec CANADA)

Is Itch Dr available in Canada Montreal?

Hello, Ada,

Thank you for your email. While the company that manufactures Itch Dr. - Native Remedies is located in the United States, they do ship to Canada.

Their International Shipping & Handling prices to
Canada for normal (No tracking available) is as follows:

Shipped via Global Priority -- 14-28 business days -- $10.99 for the first item, add $1 per each additional item.

Please let me know if I can be of more assistance.


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genital rash your Itch Dr. cream worked!

by Ally
(Seattle, Wa)


I've had a rash near my genital area for years and was too embarrassed to ask anyone about it...even my gynecologist. This rash would itch and tingle and got worse during the hot, humid summer months.

I tried the Dr. Itch cream you recommended and I have to tell you, not only did my rash stop itching...but it almost went away. I still feel a little tingle and the desire to scratch it once in awhile, but I've only used the cream like 3 times and it's almost 90% better. Also, as soon as I apply the cream, it sort of cools the area and stops the itch almost immediately.

I have tried those cortisone creams from the drug store and they didn't work at all. I would scratch that area so hard that I'd get sores. It's very uncomfortable and painful in the hot summer months.

Thank you so much for the great recommendation.

Hi Ally,

Thanks for sharing that information with us. Yes, the Itch Dr. Cream is pretty good and many people have told me that it also helps get rid of the rash -- not just the itch. I'm so happy I could help!

Linda Admin Wrinkle Free Skin Care Tip

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Groin Rash /jock itch problem Help please

by Nasir Uddin
(dhaka, Asia, bangladesh)

This is the photo of my groin area...

This is the photo of my groin area...

Dear Sir,

I have a problem I am suffering it from some weeks ago. I have allergic problem and I have groin rash I think.

It first started before 2 month ago after using an ointment...I forget that name, but I think I was allergic and it made it worse. That along with, heat and wearing jeans without underwearm made it worse.

I am not clear on what is the main problem, but need to know. treatment. I'm too embarrassed to go to doctor. I did used some cream like savlon cream and other but it did not work.. please help me about treatment about this.. what can i do now?

Please i need help.. i am waiting for reply.

Hello Nasir,

Please understand that I am not a doctor and cannot diagnose your condition.

However, there can be many different types of rashes....some are due to irritation and moisture – like wearing tight fitting clothing in very hot weather. These types usually clear up easily.

Others can be due to yeast and bacteria which may require (in addition to keeping the area very clean) medicated creams like those used for foot fungus. You can get these creams at your local drugstore.

Sometimes, if the condition is very bad, you may need a stronger fungus cream which is only available through a doctor.

I would consider wearing underwear under your jeans. Cotton underwear can help reduce moisture which can only aggravate a rash. Besides, the rough jean material could be making the area worse and irritated.

Also, bath frequently to keep fungus and bacteria growth down, and use a powder (like talcum powder) to keep the area dry.

You should also consider sleeping with cotton underware only.

You said you've tried salves and creams, have you tried creams especially formulated for jock itch or athletes foot?

That might help. If not, unfortunately, you might have to see a doctor. Don't be embarrassed, that's what doctors do. I'm sure they've seen it all. Also, it's impossible to treat something when you don't know what you have.

Since it's an itchy, red, irritated skin problem in that area, it does sound a lot like a groin rash.......but you really should see a doctor to get the right diagnosis.

I'm sorry I wasn't able to solve your problem, but I hope this information has been helpful and please don't be afraid to see a doctor.

Groin rash and jock itch are very common in men and women. A good prescription cream can probably knock that out in a few days.

Good luck,

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