How To Cover Dark Spots on the Face & Neck

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Makeup Tips to Cover Sun Spots

Want to know how to cover dark spots on the face, hands, and chest? Maybe even get rid of those nasty dark spots?

Well, read on because I have some helpful and exciting news to share with you about my experience.......

How can you cover or get rid of dark spots on your face and neck?

This is a common question for most men and women over the age of 40….especially if you're sun lover or didn't practice safe sun tips.

dark spots on skin

If you're reading this then you probably realized, like me, that removing dark spots on the skin is very difficult and expensive…..

Sometimes it's just easier to cover them up, improve the appearance of our complexion and try to prevent further damage and aging.

How To Cover Dark Spots on the Face - Best Makeup Tips

dark skin spots

I've had good success covering multiple dark sun spots on the face with mommy's little helper Concealer.

But before I apply the concealer, I apply my moisturizer, sunscreen, and then makeup. I wait a few seconds for all of this to sink in and then dab my concealer where needed.

If you want an expert tip for makeup artist Debra Rubins-Roberts, check out her video below on how to cover dark spots on the face......................

Get Rid of Dark Spots?

I know getting rid of dark spots by simply using over the counter products is almost impossible.

But I was able to lighten these dark spots on my neck by using a vitamin C serum that is mixed up fresh at home before using.

I think that is what made the difference as opposed to all of those other creams I purchased that might have been old and sitting on the drugstore shelf for years and years.

get rid of dark spots on the neck

Note: Have you noticed that my neck looks less lined and is firmer in the after picture? That is from a combination of using Vitamin C serum and doing Facial Exercises 3 times a week!!

You can see how much lighter the dark spots on the picture on the right are?

All I used was this vitamin C serum. I mix up a fresh batch of of this serum every 35-45 days so it's super fresh and potent.

Why are dark skin spots so hard to get rid off?

Well, one reason is the by the time you see them, the damage is done and has been going on for years and years. ..long before we saw sun spots or freckles. 

Most of us start to see signs of sun damage in our mid-30's, even still many don't take this sign seriously, until we're in our 50's – then we start to panic. 

When you're in your 50's your skin does not react the same as it did before. Even the shortest UVA/UVB exposure can cause blotches, spots, and freckling.

Mature skin requires a multiple pronged approach to improve it's appearance and prevent further aging.First and most important – use a high SPF sunscreen all the time! 

Second, consider using a potent Vitamin C cream or serum to keep existing dark spots from getting darker.

You might also consider using a potent Retinol cream too.

If you can prevent the spots from getting too dark or news from forming, then you won't have to worry about how you're going to cover up the dark spots in the first place:-)

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