how to prevent wrinkles

by lajj

I am 33 years old..i have a bit wrinkles around my eyes and my nasal labial fold is becoming prominent day by day..plz tell me what to do..

Tell the whole package including cleansing, exfoliating,using copper peptide or retinol..which one is best for me? My skin is oily and a little acne problem is there..
Hello Lajj,

Thanks for your email. 33 years of age is a great time to start wrinkle prevention because your skin will respond faster and it's much easier to see results.

First for the nasal/labial fold lines try this exercise...

1. Make a big "O" shape (wrapping your lips around your teeth) and smile with the corners of your mouth.

2. Take the heels of your hands and massage the area (counting slowly to 10) just below the temples on the outer edges of the apple of the cheeks .. the area below where crow's feet most often appear.

Do this once or twice a day and within a week you'll start to see the n/l fold lines start to lift. However, in the future you should consider doing the full 28 exercise set to get a nice rounded cheek shape that gives that n/l fold line the proper flat and lifted shape.

For your crows feet, follow this simple eye exercise video... Crows Feet Exercise. Do it 5 times a week.

For the your wash, exfoliate, and moisturizer I use and recommend the ZenMed 3 step holistic, organic approach. Click on this link and scroll down to the bottom for their link. It's great for aging/acne prone skin.

In addition - as an extra step to treat the wrinkles and prevent future ones from cropping up as you age...because you know they will...... you can do one of two things:

1. Build collagen using Retinols (it's better than copper peptides if you have acne/oily skin.) Retinols are a great way to build collagen and if you have oily skin, a Retinol based serum is better than the cream. Types of Retinols.

My Experience
I'm 50 years old so I need more collagen building than a younger person. So I use both copper peptides and facial exercising. I use the copper peptides because my skin is drier now that I'm older.

As far as the face exercise video -- I try for everyday, but usually wind up a few times a week. The older you get the more work it takes to stay young look :-(

I hope this information helped. Please let me know how it goes...

Linda,Admin Wrinkle Free Skin Tips

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Dec 04, 2013
Anti-Aging Eye Serum my tip for wrinkles...
by: Linda

Hi All,

I addition to this forum thread about ways to prevent wrinkles, I wanted to share a new product I've been using.

It's an under eye serum called Easy Eye Solution Instant Eye Tuck. I've had issues with under eye wrinkles all most my whole adult life.

Seriously, I started noticing wrinkles under my eyes in my early 20s. Sometime in my late 40s I had laser surgery to remove the wrinkles. It was horrible!

The plastic surgeon literally burns the skin under my eyes with laser and for the next 3-4 weeks, the skin blisters, oozes, swells and finally the skin peels off.

You can go out at all for the first 2 weeks because you can't put makeup on to cover up the burn marks.

Then for the next 4 weeks, your eyes are all red, then pink but by that time, you can cover it up with makeup.

Anyway, within a few years, the wrinkles came back. So I did it AGAIN! Yes, silly me!

Well, long story short, the wrinkles are back again.

So, now I finally found a light, hydrating serum that instantly lifts and tucks away any puffiness and helps smooth out those wrinkles.

I still have smile lines, but when I'm not smiling the skin looks smooth and tight.

And, the best can apply this serum on top of your moisturizers and makeup.

Watch this video of my friend. She literally transforms one puffy eye and then compares it to her other eye. It's pretty amazing!!

Click here: Anti-Aging Eye Serum Video.

I hope this helps!

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