diagnose my red bumpy rash?

I had a outbreak of some sort of rash a day ago on my chest. They are small red bumps with white in the center and hurt to touch. I don't know what is causing this, I have never been allergic to anything. What could this be?


Thanks for your email and question regarding the pimple like rash on your chest.

Please understand that I'm not a doctor, nor can anyone diagnose your condition, but hopefully, we can help shed some light on the situation.

There are so many different types of rashes, but the one you have looks similar to folliculitis or a simple pimple/acne rash - especially if the center is white.

These types of rashes tend to occur where there are more oil glands which can become clogged and inflamed or infected. If the center is white, it is usually an indication that it's filled with pus and could be infection.

For a pimple/acne rash, some people have had success trying over-the-counter acne treatments that contain benzoyl peroxide, sulfur, or even salicylic acid. Some have also found that a warm compress can help open the pimple and drain the pus.

However, it might be best to first speak to your doctor or even check with the pharmacist at your local drugstore. Show him your rash - he might be able to offer some over-the-counter suggestions or decide that it's severe enough to see a doctor.

And, as always, if you have other symptoms including fever or headache - please see your doctor right away.

Hope this helped.

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What is this round red rash on my daughter?

by Destiny
(Shasta,Ca USA)

Hi, my 6 yr old daughter has had this rash on her leg for about two weeks. We are not sure what it is and it hasn't gotten smaller or lighter since it's been there. She says it doesn't hurt or itch but it is concerning me.

Hi and thanks for your email regarding red round rash. The picture you submitted is not very clear, but it does look like a perfectly round red rash.

The most common type of round rash - especially found in children - is ring worm. Ring worm is a fungal infection and usually requires prescription antibiotic creams/pills to cure it.

However, most cases of ring worm grows larger as time goes on and you said this has not changed in size. Also, ring worm rashes also tend to be itchy.

Children often get ring worm rash from playing in sand boxes. Keep in mind that this rash is very contagious so it can not only spread to different parts of her body, but to others as well.

You probably should see a doctor about this as it could be a problem if it starts to spread. At least see your local pharmacist to get an idea of how serious this rash can be.

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anyone identify this red itchy skin rash caused by diabetes

by tracey
(tyne and wear)

I have had this rash for about 4 months and have been to the doctors numerous times and they just keep giving me cream which takes away the itching but not the rash....

I'm a insulin dependent diabetic and have a under active thyroid. People have said this could be the cause of it but honestly i'm getting fed up with it please anyone help...

Hello Tracey,

I'm sorry to hear of your skin rash and your suffering. You're right, most creams only stop the itch but not the cause of the rash.

And yes, Diabetes could absolutely be the cause of your constant rash.

Diabetic related rashes sometimes look like a ring or arced shaped red patch and usually shows up on the chest, abdomen, ears, and sometimes fingers. Sometimes these rashes look like burned blisters appear on the hands and feet.

Rashes usually occur mainly to those who have severe diabetes or those who are having a hard time keeping their blood glucose levels under control.

So you must be very careful to keep your blood sugar steady. In addition to taking your insulin and following a balanced diabetes diet - low glycemic foods- try to get plenty of exercise ...at least something every day.

This will help greatly to reduce your skin problems.

In the meantime, try keeping that area clean and away from hot water and direct sunlight. Try to keep a food log and see if there are any types of foods that may cause or trigger more itching. Foods can be a source and cause your rash to flare up more often.

Try applying a cool compress made with cool water and oatmeal. Mix the two and dip a clean cloth. Apply this cloth a few times a day - while say watching TV.

Finally, consider trying a homeopath product called Skin Dr.. It's a tiny natural pill you put under your tongue and let it dissolve.

It helps to improve skin problems like itchiness and redness from rashes and eczema. Click on the link above to read more. Oh, p.s. please inform your doctor of any supplements you plan on taking including the Skin Dr.

Also, if you enter The Code: AFCI15 you'll receive a 15% discount off any order.

I sure hope I was able to help at least a bit. Good luck....

You can read more about rashes here:

Skin Rash.

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Help with Skin Rash!!!!

My daughter has a skin irritation that won't go away. It almost resembles ring worm, however they are C shaped and VERY large.

We have tried all the traditional ringworm treatments, as that is all the doctor will diagnose it as, none of them have helped at all. The spots are somewhat itchy, but not entirely.
Please help.

Hi and thanks for your email regarding skin rash.

If the doctor diagnosed your daughter's rash as ringworm, I would suggest you follow his advice. Ringworm is serious in the sense that it can spread very easily to other parts of the body or to other people.

So make sure your daughter uses her own towel, wash cloth and has separate bedding.

Ringworm is often caused by fungus and usually requires medication to treat it, so if your doctor prescribed medications, I would make sure to give them to her until they are done.

Treatment can take anywhere from few weeks to a month or so to heal completely.

Yes, while ring worms are typically round red spots, just because your daughter's rash does not have that exact shape does not mean she doesn't have ringworm.

Usually, a doctor can do a skin test to determine – with more precision – exactly what type of rash she has.

If after a month or so her situation is not better, perhaps you should consider seeking another opinion.

I would love to offer more help, however, I am not a physician, and if prescription medication has not helped her yet - chances are natural over-the-counter products won't do much either.

The only exception might be if someone is prone to itchy rashes or hives and suffers from them constantly.

Sometimes a change in diet (such as reducing consumption of starchy/sugary foods), using a pH balanced soap, and applying a spot treatment cream that helps restore pH balance – might provide some relief.…….At least this has been my experience.

There is a company called Native Remedies that makes homeopathic creams and supplements (for children, adults, and even pets ) for a variety of conditions.

Click here to read more.
Native Remedies.

However, if you do try something over-the-counter, please make sure to inform your doctor and never stop taking any medication he prescribed unless you have his approval first.

Good luck I hope you find a solution for your daughter.

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