Marionette Lines Treatment

What is the best marionette lines treatment product?


Thanks for your email. While the best and permanent way to treat marionette lines (those parentheses that we get between the nose and cheek) is with facial exercises....Especially Cheek Raisers (Click here to see a free sample video of Cheek Raiser Video)

When you lift the upper portion of your face like the cheek area, you actually wind up lifting the whole face starting with the neck and jowls. Try this experiment.......take your fingers and place them on your upper cheeks.

Then pull the skin up slightly. Notice how your lower jowls and even neck area is lifted?

Try the exercises in the video above for 3 weeks and see if you don't notice a difference.

The other suggested treatment for marionette lines - if you want/need an instant improvement (within 5 - 15 minutes) is to use the Instant Effect Lifting Serum. It's good for everything from Marionette lines to upper lip wrinkles. Click here to read more and see the studies....
Instant Effect Lifting Serum Upper Lip Wrinkles.

I use this serum and have to tell you really works!

Make sure to apply it on clean, dry skin. Rub it well into the marionette lines, eye lids, above the eyebrows, forehead, and even lower jowls and neck area.

Then, keep your face still until it dries. Even better, try to fan your face. For some reason, the faster it dries the tighter your skin gets. This serum helps pull all the skin cells closer together for lifted, tighter look.

But, the best part is your skin doesn't feel tight or sticky like some other very expensive lifting serums I've tried. And believe me - I've tried them all.

This serum even hydrates the skin and helps to correct sagging by inducing collagen production. So your skin gets better after each use.

If you don't believe me, then do this. Apply it on only one side of your face. From the forehead to your neck. Let it dry in 5 - 15 minutes look in the mirror. And if you're still not happy, send it back for a full refund. I promise that won't because it is that good :-)

Hope this helps,
Linda, Admin Wrinkle Free Skin Tips

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May 10, 2010
Marionette Lines Treatment it works on puffy eyes too.
by: MaryAnne

I wanted to tell you I use The Lifting Serum and love it.

It also seems to help reduce my puffy eyes. But the website does not mention anything about that. Am I imagining this?

Hi Maryann,

Yes, it makes sense that the instant lift serum works to reduce puffy eyes because it helps to pull all the skin cells closer together, forming a tighter knit.

The tighter skin sort of acts like a girdle pulling in the fat pads around the eyes - thereby giving it a smoother look.

I'm glad you're happy with it. I am and carry it with me all the time. Especially when I travel. Jet lag makes me look so tired and this serum helps to make me look more refreshed and younger. And, when I know I look good, I actually start to feel good too.

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