Mouth Lines and Wrinkles

vertical lip lines

What solutions are there for mouth lines? Signs of aging might creep up on you, but using Botox for mouth wrinkles and vertical lip lines quickly and easily undoes visible facial aging.

The most common kind of lip wrinkles are the small vertical (up and down) lines that form around the mouth.

These vertical lip lines respond well to Botox injections.

You can even begin treatments before lines form. Used on the most troublesome aging lines, Botox gives you a naturally soft look without signs of aging and without weeks of healing from laser surgery.

What Causes Vertical Lip Lines

Your mouth forms tiny lines and wrinkles every day when you smile, eat or talk.

he muscles around your lips pull and push on skin and these lines appear and disappear as a natural part of life.

Over time, your lifestyle patterns may create vertical lip lines around your mouth.

If caught early enough, there are face exercises for the mouth area that are very simple to use and can eventually smooth the vertical lip lines away. Read how face exercises can help mouth and lip lines….

But it takes patients and you must perform these exercises a few times a week.

Visit the bottom of this page Perfect Lips for more information and a sample exercise.

Other Injections for Mouth & Lip Lines

Botox is very effective at smoothing away the lines that form around the mouth (lipstick lines).

You might recognize these lines because your lipstick will smudge where there are small folds in the skin.

Wrinkles around the corners of your mouth also benefit from Botox.

However, wrinkles or folding skin that starts down at  the corner of the mouth and go down to the chin is called marionette lines. 

This area responds better with filler injections like Restylane and Juvederm

Wrinkle, lines and folds on your face between your nose and the corner of your mouth (marionette lines) respond very well too.

Skilled dermatologists can apply treatment to remove wrinkle-causing motions while leaving you with normal facial expressions as well. 

Botox treatment prevents your facial muscles from getting the message to tighten. Without tense muscles, your skin relaxes and forms fewer lines and wrinkles.

Folds in your skin may soften in appearance or disappear entirely depending on your situation.

Your doctor may combine injections like Botox with products that plump or fill-in the areas like restylane treatment.

The relaxed muscles work with slightly fuller looking areas of skin to give you a smooth and youthful look without deep lines. 

How Long Does It Last

Treatments with Botox generally reach full effect about 5 – 7 days after your injections.

The effects wear off gradually after three or four months. You can repeat your treatments to maintain a smooth appearance and prevent new wrinkles from forming over time.

Botox injections work quickly to give your wrinkles a vacation or stop them from moving in at all.

Your doctor has the best advice for when you might benefit from Botox and/or Restylane for mouth lines, but wrinkle free smiles are relatively simple to achieve. 

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